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Hello friends! 
Here's the belated weekend photo-dump:
 The lilacs we had picked... and painting fun.
 Summer sun = clothes out on the line, with Azriel as my little helper.
 A trip to the zoo with a crew of friends... peacocks know how to rock their colours!
 Cowgirl Azriel.. and her beau Reggie... Hudson and I sharing a snuggle.
 Up to the in-laws for family.dinner.saturdays... Hudson and his great-Granny looking so cute.
 Azriel got in her first swim of the year... with a backdrop constellation of forget-me-not flowers.
Dandelion dreamer.

That's just the half of it... so I'll share the rest in the next post!
Hope you all had a beauty-full weekend.

Older mama,
Mel ;o)

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