D.I.Y: magnet board

Do you find your fridge is over-cluttered with cute photos, memos and to-do-lists?
Yeah, me too, so lets make a fun magnet board for extra space!
As usual, this is a super fast.stupid easy. do.it.yourself project.... let's go:

All you need is a metal sheet.platter or tray.
Originally I was going to thrift a cookie sheet for this.. but then I discovered this delightful metal tray.  (Tip: bring a magnet along while shopping to ensure your tray is magnetic).
Also, you'll need spray paint. 
I was hoping to use a turquoise coloured spray... but opted for white in the end.
Imagine my delight as I sprayed the tray and saw a doily appear (told you I was obsessed)!

(The only other issue is hanging your magnet board - since mine had a scalloped edge, I could just put a nail through.  But, if you're using a metal tray, you'll likely have to drill a hole or 'solder' a bracket on to the back.)

I'm now using my magnetic 'doily' in the kitchen to hold recipes as I bake/cook.

Stay tuned for the second tutorial: d.i.y cork magnets!

Happy crafting friends,
Mel :o)


  1. What a good idea! I want one now, so I need to be on the lookout for a platter like this. Your finished project looks so clean and classy!

  2.  Thank you Sadie!  Now that I thrifted that platter.. I feel like I`ve seen them everywhere... hope you find one too! ;o) 

  3. Melissa O'Brien9 May 2012 at 13:24

    Another way to attach items to the wall is by crazy gluing a paper clip to the back of the tray/plate etc...just make sure you rough up the area with some sand paper if you are working with porcelain.

  4.  Hey Mel!!  For reals?  I wouldn't have thought it would be strong/secure enough to hold.. but that's cool, thanks for the input - you still a crafty lady of the West out there? ;o) xo

  5. Inspire Me Heather14 January 2013 at 09:40

    Your memo board looks so pretty! I've got his linked to my DIY magnetic boards too today, for inspiration!

  6. Thank you Heather, pleased to be a part of your inspiration! ;o)


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