D.I.Y: cork magnets (mushrooms too!).

 Hi again!
Here's the sequel to the magnet board we made earlier... now we'll make some simple. fun. do.it. yourself magnets:

 Supplies Needed:
Magnets (even the Dollar Store variety)
Corks (please drink responsibly! heh)
X-ACTO knift
hot glue gun

 Use the blade to cut your corks into thirds.  (I also trimmed the top edge to round them a bit).

 Hot glue the 'wrong' side of the magnet... and quickly press your cork piece on to it. 

 Voila!  Super fast. stupid easy - you're done... 
...but wait!  You can also put a thumbtack into the cork, and make that little sucker work double duty as a mini cork board!
Genius, I know. ;o)
 BONUS tutorial: Mushroom magnets!
Because really, who can resist fridge fungi?!
Step 1:  Using your blade, slice around the middle of the cork (1/2 mm).
Step 2: Whittle from the base of the cork.. cutting up towards your first incision.
Step 3: Slice some curved cuts down from the top of the cork (now mushroom shape).

Paint some red and white polka dots on top... and revel in woodland wonder!

Happy crafting friends,
Mel ;o)


  1. What a fun and cute idea! And those corks shaped like mushrooms, wonderful! Such a great little DIY. 

  2.  Hey Amanda! Thanks for popping by the Nest here, glad you like it! ;o)

  3. blytheponytailparades10 May 2012 at 09:25

    Woah, this is such a cute idea!! Totally loving those mushrooms. You are so creative :)

  4.  Hey Violet! Thanks.. that's sweet of you to say! Glad you like the fungi too ;o)

  5. Love this idea! Especially the mushrooms! I so want to make those!

  6. Sonia **Sony**21 July 2012 at 13:27

    Thanks for you cool ideas! love it!
    Greetings from Puerto Rico-Sonysonia-studio60.blogspot.com


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