mussel man love.

 Now this isn't normally a blog about food... but this tasty dish just begs a feature!

Ben whipped this one up for our dinner last night.
It's a main course of rich goodness with a side helping of yum!

 I was eager to dive in... but Azriel stuck with her bread & pasta combo... turning up her wee nose at the mussels and saying:
"It's... it's not good for me...
... it's yucky".
Your loss little girl, and this mama's gain.

Now, I'm not usually a real seafood lover... but I do heart mussels.
Maybe because it was drowned in heaping portions of butter, cream and white wine!

So if you're looking for a tasty change at your dinner table, try this recipe out friends.

Thankful for my 'mussel'-man Ben, 
Mel ;o)


  1. Yum - I love mussels. I hadn't had any for ages as our main mussel eater is our eldest and lives at the other end of the country now. I did have a hearty helping last week when I was traveling though - cooked in a curried cream sauce with coriander & lime , delish !!!!!  thanks for the recipe, will give them a whirl!

  2.  ohhh YUM to yours too - anything curried with lime and cilantro/coriander and I'm drooling!!  Next time you're in the neighbourhood.. lets have a mussel party! ;o)  I'll keep my eyes peeled for those bunny ears... ha!

  3. Oh yes that sounds fab!  Will let you know in advance of course so you can make arrangements with your chef!

  4.  hehee.... deal! ;o)


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