Life is messy isn't it?

Clean up all the toys... and two seconds later they're helter-skelter across the floor again.
Get the laundry washed.folded.sorted... and then discover a new mountain of dirty clothes.
Wash the stack of dishes... and there's a tower growing in the sink again.

Promise to be more patient... and one frustration sets you off.
Try to stay positive under pressure... but instead vortex into a pity-party.
Seek to model love and grace... realise you're weaker than imagined.
Life can be overwhelming sometimes.
You just want a moment to get 'off the ride'... to jump from the crazy carousel that keeps spinning in futility it seems.
Or, to echo the words of Ecclesiastes:
"..when I surveyed all that my hands had done and what I had toiled to achieve,
everything was meaningless, a chasing after the wind"
Ecclesiastes 2:11
When I get up each morning, take two steps forward.. and fall three steps back, 
it can get hard to trust that growth is happening. 
I just want to crumple into a ball and not try again.

But... that's just not helpful to anyone is it?
I need to step out in faith.
One faltering step.misstep.at a time. 
It's like every night when I face this moment.
A stack of dirty dishes...
I want to ignore them,
they seem overwhelming...
I want ease, comfort, relaxation.
But deep down I know that they aren't going away... and the longer I don't 'tend' to the mess... the bigger it will get.
Like any mess really.
Ignoring the problem just makes it fester.
So I wash them.
One dish at a time.
And the world seems brighter.

God, take these messes in my heart.
Wash them.
Let me shine your grace.

Mess. Clean. Repeat.

Mel ;o)


  1. Well that was timely.

  2.  oh, thank YOU Nicky!  Always an encouragement to know someone has 'gone ahead' and can look back to us young mamas and tell us we're going to make it! ;o)  Glad you enjoyed, and I'm all about 'keeping it real'... just not necessarily hanging out all the dirty laundry! hehe.
    Tell me you've got your mail by now?  Or else this is ridiculously slow!! Sorry to keep you waiting...

  3.  Hmmm.. you're being enigmatic with me eh?  I await the dinner date wed to hear where you're at... xoxo

  4. Nicky Rothmann29 May 2012 at 03:01

    Oh there's still chaos though...and sometimes more than one day of it too!
    Nope no earrings yet, but don't panic its not your fault at all!We are all used to delayed post here.Heard of Asian time?We have that here too, its just called African time.L&LNicky

  5. I know, I know! Once in a while, I have a complete freak out about it. I let it go, let it go, let it go and then I just can't take it anymore! I stay up until the wee hours of the night cleaning in hopes that I may get a few steps forward and not feel so beaten by mess all the time! Of course I try to keep in mind that my house will be perfectly clean once everyone is all grown up and it's empty.

  6.  Oh I hear you loud and clear...  so true!!  Always a good reminder to not sweat the small stuff.. and remember the wee souls who are watching our every move/motive in the day. xo

  7. Ecclesiastes becomes beautiful when you understand what God wants you to take from that book!  Realizing that apart form Him, it really is just vanity...meaningless.  Dishes.  Wash.  Chores.  All those things I hate and feel eat up my 'fun' time-- done to the glory of God-- find meaning.  Even if it is just knowing He is smiling at a joyful heart...tackling dishes one at a time!

    I enjoy how you make these Bible truths (in your writing) so life-accessible.  Reminders to my heart!  I love your blog, girl!!  And your heart, too!

    Have a blessed week:).xx

  8. so true - He makes all things meaning-full, beauty-full!  Thanks for those kind words Krista.  I'm honored and touched that you make time for this lil' ol' blog in your big blogsphere! ;o)  xoxo


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