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Annnnnd, here's the final roundup of shots from a fun-filled birthday weekend!
Thanks for enduring me, friends. ;o)
Sunday afternoon we had a fun 'play date' with Andrea and Jen (a.k.a Hudson got Lucky!).
 Birthday Monday...we went for treats down at the Silver Bean, this mama got an iced chai this size of her head!

 More feasting with my entire family at the Old Stone Brewery... and then home for cake and ice cream!

 My sis showing Azriel how to use her camera...

...and it turns out she's pretty skilled at shooting - to the delight and amusement of all!
And speaking of pictures... here`s my family (since you`ve already met Bens).
Front row: my older sis, mama (Azriel), moi
Back: sister`s fella, dad, big brother, ben.
(Funny moment: the fact that I got TWO awesome tripods for my birthday... and I still used a garbage bin with stacked drink coasters to take this shot!)

Yep, it was a fun-filled weekend,
thanks for stopping by the nest!

Birthday mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. Glad you had a lovely birthday weekend miss! You deserve it. It sounded awesome :) I love the photos of Azi with the camera in her hands, her little scrunched up nose is too cute. You and Ben do a pretty great job of making the cutest kiddos!

  2.  I'm so glad you had a fun birthday! We had such a fun time with you at the park on Sunday! Looking forward to doing it again! ♥

  3.  thanks Andrea - it was great to see you after all these years - and I'm still wanting to know your secret to looking not a day older since I last saw you?!!  Walking handstands and all.. c'mon please! hehe!

  4.  awww, thanks sweets, she is the queen of funny faces that girl!! ;o)


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