lock up your daughters...

 ...there's a new man in town,
and he's already wooed this mama's heart.

 I just had to show you how handsome our lil' BIG fella Hudson is getting!
At three and a half months now... he's wearing toddler clothing (well, 12-18mth sizes!).
I still can't tell who he looks like... but he's a charmer that's for sure.
I love how he always giggles into his fists all bashful like.
The way he tosses his head back and forth like a wild horse and then falls asleep.
How he smacks his lips after a big yawn...
And what's more heavenly than those chubber baby rolls fresh out of a warm bath?!
I just savour these times I get to nuzzle him close right now...
...my big baby boy.

Our handsome Hudson.

Smitten mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. So freakin' cute! I want to eat those cheeks!

  2. I miss those days... all that chubby perfection.  Butterfly kisses to your sweet little/big fella.  Happy weekend.

  3. Oh, those arms!! No wonder you're smitten.

  4.  Aren't they fantastic!?  We don't even put elastics around them.. they're just that fat! lol  ;o)

  5.  oooh, I know it's going to be gone so fast (well, unless we keep him on a steady diet of Big Macs when he's older!).. so I'm savoring that chubby delight!  Kisses passed on, he thanks you! ;o)

  6.  Haha!  Next time we hang out, I'll bring some bbq sauce then. ;o)

  7.  ....isn't the 'bum' chin something else?!  I love that boy .. in the face! ;o)

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  9. Hudson is so handsome! And baby rolls are so delicious!


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