colour me: [sew crazy!]

This here,... this was going to be a do.it.yourself jersey t-shirt tutorial.

I was going to say: "take a large folded square of jersey/stretch cotton, fold it lengthwise and cut out a neck hole... and slice an angle cut down to the waist"...

But you know what?  I've never actually sewed with jersey before... much less attempted to make myself a real shirt.
So I kept screwing it up.

And this, this is why I always tend to call myself a 'messy sewer' (see, I can't even write seamstress - it sounds too fancy).. and 'sewer' - the kind you might be thinking, is likely more fitting since a lot of these projects should be in the gutter!

However, I tend to thrive at adapting from mistakes (I've had over 30yrs to do so!).
This project kept evolving with every blunder... 
Mistake: cutting the neck hole too large.. especially since jersey stretches.
Solution: sew a lace backing into the gaping hole... inspired by this dress.
Yeah, that kind of turned out neat. 
Thankfully jersey doesn't require hems since it just rolls at the edges, phew!
The leftover length of jersey was perfect to make another infinity scarf out of (with a stretchy bright floral inside).  A good, simple project to convince me I'm not a complete hack at sewing!
So there you go, I sew crazy.
I hate patterns.
I taught myself to sew only a few years ago.
I can't sew a straight line... if it's longer than an inch!

There you have it, if I can do it, you can.

The real key is to just keep experimenting, like I did with this shirt,
and learn as you go!

In stitches,
Mel ;o)


  1. They both turned out GREAT Mel, love them!!

  2.  well thanks Carly!  (Just try not to look too closely at the sewing details.. lol). xo

  3. Hah! I love it!!! The pinafore I made myself makes me look like I have bum nipples!! But that's ok, I MADE IT!!! I also have to work on my darts..........

  4.  hoy boy!!  I'm not even going to 'go there' on the bum nipps... hahah - darts are a trick for sure (says I who never does them).  I always feared that if I made my own clothing, it would fall apart at the most awkward moment... like being in a large crowd!  Bit by bit I'm getting more confident (read 'naively optimistic').  happy sewing friend! xo

  5. Love this! The lace "accident" is the best part! Sewing for myself usually keeps getting bumped down the list, but I may have to jump this project to the top!

  6.  Hey there Anna, thanks!  This was definitely a fairly quick project if that helps motivate you to 'bump' it up the priority list..... but then again, 'quick' may be why I kept messing it up! ha.  Good luck with it, you'll have to send me your 'model pics' if you get it done! ;o)


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