colour me: rainbow wool & balloons!

Colour me happy... look at this beauty ball of wool!
It's got every hue of the rainbow in it, and I just can't stop spinning it around in my hands. 

I think this just may convince me try and learn how to knit again friends... now, what the heck can I make with one ball of wool?  A small scarf cuff... a wee hat?  I just want to see all the colours, close by me.. always!
Not to mention I was given this sweet turquoise sheepy too!

Yes, tomorrow is my birthday.. eeep!
In fact, all of Canada is celebrating with me this year - a national holiday for all.... you're welcome. ;o)
This mama is having a beauty weekend so far... and more fun to come today and tomorrow... 
so stay tuned for a belated 'slide.show.sunday' friends,

(but here's a peek at some more colourfulness and livestock): 
A family hike through the countryside to collect beautiful lilacs for our home.

Hope you're all having a wonder-full weekend too!

Fireworks & Birthday candles mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. Nicky Rothmann21 May 2012 at 06:49

    Happy Happy, Lovely Lady!
    May it be filled with sticky fingers, sloppy kisses and big hugs from little arms!
    Much Love

  2.  Thank you thank you ~ it definitely was full of all that and more!! ;o) xo


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