Love is... a NO EXIT sign.

When you choose the path of love, it can be a wild journey.
When you have kids... it's a road marked "NO EXIT".

For it will never end... me, being their mama.
They, being our children.
This love that grows like their small bodies...
...stronger, bigger, wilder every day. 

But parenting is a tough path.
There are pot holes and bumps along the way...
A mother's impatience,
A child's tantrum,
Both in need of much grace... and, correction.

Selfish love desires personal comfort.
Self-less love seeks to serve.

Every day my heart gets pulled in this tug-o-war.
Selfishly, I want to pull the covers over my head and stay in bed longer.
Self-lessly, I know my daughter wants to start the day.

I want a long bath, time to craft, freedom to come and go as I please.
But my children come first... (and that's a good thing)!

We keep trying to get that one moment in the day:
"me time"... where you can do what YOU want, not being responsible for anyone else.
Like a carrot before the donkey.. we're hungry to grab it.

 But what I really need to wrap my tiny brain around is this:
+pursuing selfish desires don't satisfy like they promise to.
+sacrificially loving others... brings a much deeper joy.

In giving, we receive.
In sacrifice, we gain.

"Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down their life for their friends [or family]"
John 15:13

Sometimes I look back, and wonder how we even got this far.
I'm grateful that this path of love comes one step at a time. 

Steppin' out,
Mel ;o)


  1. Great post Mel, thanks :).  Totally off topic but Hudson is wearing a shirt that reggie wore until he was about a year old... if that gives you any indication of just how squishy your big cutie is :o) !

  2. love it and once again you took the thoughts right out of my head!! Being a graphic design mum I often have to force myself to get away from the computer, even if its a paying job, and spend time with my kiddo. 

  3.  ...I'm not sure who should be more scared that I'm stealing your thoughts... me or you! hehe.  I think all of us 'artsy' mamas struggle with this aspect even more so.. since these other passions come so strong and try to compete with our affections/attention to our children it seems.  You're a great mama - and a glowing one now too ;o)

  4.  thanks luv, yes, Hudson is twice the man Reg is.. haha - only in 'chub-factor'!  You know I'm chocolate milk on tap is all.  Reg is growing fast now though it seems... love that boy! xo

  5. beautifully written and so, so true.  fantastic reminder as i start my day! thank you, friend!

  6.  aw, thanks Krista, gosh, your day does start early eh?!  Have a beauty one. xo

  7. Natalie Jennings12 June 2012 at 17:08

    thanks for this post as well, I may only get to them every six months but I am reading your needle and nest stuff and it's pretty cool.


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