slide.show.sunday. take 39.

Phew!  Now that was a whirl-wind wonder of a weekend!
This is one blissfully exhausted mama...
here's the recap:
 Road trip!  (It only takes Azriel two minutes to look like a Nutella version of the Joker).

Sunshine, sand, sea gulls... and the annual family (in-laws) reunion down in Cobourg.

Azriel was giddy to have a sand box that stretched to the horizon.

This mama was just a lil' giddy to have a gorgeous hotel, delicious meals, and a view of the beach... freely provided by the generous Grandparents that host this reunion! 

I love how Spring paints the trees in vibrant splashes and intoxicating blooms.

Back home today for another lovely get together with my side of the family.
This was a sweet moment where Azriel handed a flower to her great Grandmother (the only 'great' left on our side). 

The two prettiest blooms in the garden: my girl & my older sis.
Then it was back to my folk's house... where Azi had a 'tea party' outside with her Grandma.

A beautiful. delicious. family-full. sunshiney weekend!

Hope you all got a chance to love your mama's today (or remember them fondly).
Now, this mama is ready for bed!

See you on the flip side friends,
Mel ;o)


  1. Sounds like a loooovely weekend and what gorgeous weather we had too!

    Happy mothers day, momma!

  2. Cute, cute, cute. I love family gatherings and annual reunions. They just makes sense and they make my heart and tummy pretty happy too. Looks like a beautiful weekend. Happy Mother's Day dear!

  3.  Too true Hillsy, they are a great way to see folks you just don't run in to much otherwise... and the tummy was happy (especially after Brie stuffed french toast and strawberries!!). Thanks for the luv! ;o)

  4.  Yes it was - hope yours was a great one too?!  Thanks for the luv sweet face! ;o)


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