confessions [of an artist] part. 8.

What do you see?
An ordinary walnut shell, yes?

It's a creative portal for me to jump into... a tiny treasure to transform into something special. 

Like, a miniature robin's egg nest:
I know, I'm a little nuts... excitedly turning nutshells into nests... but that's my confession today:

...My brain never stops searching for creative outlets.

In fact, my brain just doesn't shut up actually!
You know how you ask a guy "what are you thinking about?" and they say "nothing"... and it's true.  Well, I don't have a 'nothing' setting.
Whenever there's a lull in the day (where I'm washing dishes, or feeding the baby.. or up in the night) my brain just defaults to dreaming up new creations.

My head could be a waste basket full of crumpled balls of paper for all the ideas I propose and then toss out of my mind.
I think that's why I'm always trying new projects, and making a wide variety of creations... there's just so many things I want to bring to life.  I guess you could say my works are 'limited edition', because I'll likely run off and create something different in another moment. 

That's why this blog is a good fix for my daily shakes... it lets me create something new every time!

Does every creative person share this mental setting I wonder?

So, what do you see?
A nut,
A nutshell...

... or a gal just eager to see the extra in the ordinary...

Creatively yours,
Mel ;o)


  1. Dainty creativity!  This is beautiful, a tiny window into something unexpected.  

  2.  cute, I like that ``dainty creativity``... thanks Danielle! ;o)

  3. Sorry Mel, I saw a nut.  Call me vision impaired... but you knew that.  Glad you can see better than me :o).

  4. It's wonderful, what are the eggs made of?

  5.  thanks Deb!  They're actually just from the eggs that were on the bird mobile on our living room... the past spring d.i.y branch (technically painted Styrofoam!). xo

  6.  I always knew you saw me as a nut!! ;o)

  7. I completely understand! My mind doesn't have an "off" button! I have often wondered if other people also felt this way. I once asked one of my co-workers about it and she looked at me like I had 3 heads! Many ideas come to me as I'm waking up in the morning, or day dreaming. It's a truly divine feeling to be a vessel of this kind of energy.
    Anyway, I love your work!


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