here + there...

Flaming tips.. now fizzling.
Remains of the day.
Still painting.
Toy Bathing.
Daddy-daughter snuggles.
Mama-Son Relaxing.
Well since it's a new year and all...
...feel free to consider this as a new series.

Considering I take a gazillion pictures each week... "here + there" will be where I can dump a bunch of them into one post... and give you lovelies a glimpse of the simple moments in our nest.

Plus, I really want to get better at composition/photography.
You poor suckers will just have to endure while I attempt to improve.. baha.

Mel ;o)


  1. That peek-a-boo photo is so cute, as is the daddy-daughter snuggles. There's so much love in your nest, Mel. I look forward to seeing more of it. xx

  2. Aw, that is really sweet of you to say... lots of lovin' to go around here. ;o) Thanks for being part of it!

  3. thanks, you! ;o)

  4. I was totally going to dye my hair a pretty color after xmas, but I got laid off from my job instead. *sadness* So, no colorful hair for interviews. :(

  5. Loooooove it... The composition in these photos are great! :)

  6. Oh no, that's terrible... sorry to hear that Beth! It's annoying that we all have to look so 'white-washed' to get hired eh? Sad reality for most places... good luck with the job hunt though!
    What colour were you hoping to do? I assumed red was/is hard to cover?

  7. I was thinking like a dark green with some blue in it. I call it "seaweed" color. I've only ever covered red dye with black dye. so idk.


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