paint like a child...

Most people I know want to create.
somehow, something.

creating beauty, 
displaying 'truth',
is woven into our soul's fiber.

What stops so many of us?
Fear of trying and... failing?
Fear of trying and.. looking silly?
Not knowing where/how to start the process?

What if we let go of our fears,
and had faith ..like a child.

Throw down a drop sheet.
Pull out a large paper/canvas.
Splash, spray, stroke the paints.
Don't tell it what to do..
Just let it lead you.

Hang it on your wall.
Whether you like it at first or not.
 Let it declare:
"I had the courage to create"

It's a New Year, friends.
Let's break out the creativity!

Colourfully yours,
Mel ;o)


  1. yup, I need to learn from your little girl. just drop a sheet on the ground and get dirty with creativity! I suppose if I was one for NY resolutions, that'd be mine! (um, that and eating more cake!) xox

  2. Ha! Both good goals Caren! ... make art with cake.. win, win! You're always welcome - with said cake - to swing by and paint with us, Azi would love it! Thanks for the sweet polaroid, and kitty card.. got it sparkling in the mail the other day! xx

  3. Picasso said, "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up". He spent his whole life trying to paint like his child self. I like him a whole lot for this.
    It's not easy, but I'm pretty sure when you shake off all of the adultness in you and find your crazy child-brain artist self, you reconnect with amazing super powers you forgot you had. For those of us who have trouble with this exercise, eating magic mushrooms beforehand helps tremendously. :)
    I really want to paint more this year.

  4. Ha! Well, I'll take your word on the mushroom part... lol. There is a beautiful 'care-lessness' and freedom with which kids create.. I often need to remember that in my desire to 'force' a direction in a painting. Hope you get to slap out the colours lots this year! xx

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