Introducing: monday mamalogues.

 I've been tossing this idea around my head for the past while now.
Wondering if I should run with it.. or from it.
So I'll just blurt it out and see what happens:


Sorry: "I would love to host a link-up for other blogger mamas to share their hearts here".

Here's what I know: there's a gazillion blogs out there hosting link-ups... with just as many mamas taking part.  I'm not pretending to be anything unique here.

Here's what I hope: that this lil' nest could collect a diverse tapestry of stories and images about motherhood to encourage each other with.

Here's what I fear: that I won't stay committed to every monday(!), or that the very theme itself will ostracize those who aren't mamas.
But, for better or worse, let's just give it a go.
So here's where you come in...

Starting next Monday...(as long as I master the technical jargon of 'linking tools') I will be starting this series called: Monday Mamalogues.
Sharing simple stories, silly moments, profound ponderings, crazy confessions... or just a photo that represents this wild world of Motherhood.

So whether you're a crunchy mama or a militant mama.... or somewhere in between, 
I'd love for you to join me here!

Because really, what mama out there doesn't love a chance to gush, groan or giggle about their children?

Hope to see all you lovelies linking up here next week... otherwise you'll be stuck just reading my lil' old input monday after monday. ha!

 (P.S... this is the link-up button I'll have set up by next week too!)

mama Mel ;o)


  1. What a great idea, Mel! I wish I'd had facebook/email/blogs... INTERNET when I was a stay-at-home-with-young-uns mama!

  2. aw, sorry you were stuck in the 'dark ages' Mary! hehe... glad you're making up for lost time now - we still love your input! ;o)

  3. I will definitely be joining in! I've actually already made the commitment in my head to have a, "motherhood mondays" (which just means I was planning to post about motherhood on mondays), so this could not be more perfect! I'm excited!


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