those boys...

 Don't mind me, friends... I just have to gush about my guys a bit (more) today!
 That boy on the right?  Well, I'm wrapped completely around his pudgy finger.
That man on the left?  Well, he's sweetly wrapped around mine! har-har!

But seriously, I'm one lucky lass to have these two guys in my life.
They are both sources of such.deep.delight.
I can't get enough of them.

Lately, we've been spoiled to have Ben home more often.
Not that this helps our finances... but our time spent together as a family is rich.
I seriously love that man.
If you know him, you know why.. he's just that guy.
That guy who's too humble to endure me gushing on about him here...

And omygooodyness... our lil' hunk o' Hudson.
If you know him, you know he's an absolute heart-melting delight!
He's mastered the flirty eyes with everyone now.. (the sideways look and adorable grin).
He's a mini-Santa I guess... jolly, chubby and rosy-cheeked.
(Side-note: look at the crazy cranium eh?  His skull is like a cinder block!  If we train him to sit really still he'd make a great coffee table...).

But I'm his mama, I'm allowed to say that.  Because I love him to bits!
Granted, if anyone else ever teases my boy.. I'll knock their 'block' off.  Ha.

All this to say,
I thank God for such wonderful guys as these.
They are my favourites.

Who's the special dude(s) in your world?

Mel ;o)


  1. aw this was such a sweet gushing post :) you're a lucky lady to have so much love in your life!



  2. thanks so much Marlen, lovely of you to stop by (now I know where to go for fashion inspiration!).. and yes, I count my blessings over here ;o) xx


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