heART therapy

Creativity has a such a beautiful way of unlocking our spirit.
It awakens something nestled deep within us.. and stretches its wings out to fly.

This past weekend I was given a lovely gift : the opportunity to just create freely.
Ben watched the kids, and dropped me off at an 'artist retreat centre'.

Paintings by Anne Renouf
Ok, it's actually the gorgeous 'off-the-grid' home of my artist friend Anne Renouf who I introduced you too over a year/half ago!
I was delighted to be invited by her to join their ladies afternoon of:
art making.
tea sipping.
music listening.
discussion making.
laugh sharing.
wine bibbing.
snack munching.
fire crackling.
dog wagging.

real heART therapy.

 The hours passed slow and peacefully.
Five small canvases filled easily and freely.
I haven't painted like this in what feels like forever.

As a mama who's used to 'alone' time being a fast shower... you can imagine how rare this treat was to have hours lost in a playful palette.
On the drive home I felt so calm and relaxed,
"it feels like I've just had a massage" I told Ben.
"No wonder, it's probably the first time you've ever stopped moving..!" he replied (referring to the constant 'go' mode of motherhood).

All that to say, I love painting.
I'm thankful for this chance to create.
Thankful to Annie and her friends for sharing this space/place with me.
Thankful to my guy for encouraging me to go, as he stayed with the kids.

A little paint can go a long way to brighten my day.

colour me blessed,
Mel ;o)


  1. what a beautiful space!! all those windows... dreamy. so happy that you got to have some time to yourself and to fill it with art nonetheless. awesome

  2. Yes, yes and.. yes! ;o) I'm planning a whole collective of 'mini' landscapes/skyscapes in hopes of doing another coffee shop showing here in town.. or just sell them off bit by bit! I was really happy with them.. just have to sketch in a few more details for the tree lines/horizons.
    Thanks Cristi.. someday.. somehow we need to do this kind of thing together! xx

  3. I know eh? The windows are all south facing to maximize their heat storage from the sun (plus solar panels our front) very bright/open feeling there! Thanks luv, it was wonderful. xx

  4. Very cool Laura - she's got amazing skills with mixed media, always has. Thanks - I aim to keep painting when/where I can! ;o)

  5. Sounds like such a lovely time! I'd love to have a group of ladies to paint with, while nibbling and listening and chatting.



  6. Yes it's made even more delightful due to the 'rarity' of such times! Worth seeking out tho.. hope you can find such a sweet spot too Trish! xx

  7. ha! Yes it's a great type of accountability artistically - to have artsy friends nearby. ;o)

  8. Mel, I love this!! I love you got time to yourself, but I love what you produced! As in, I kinda need one of those I love them that much.

  9. Aww Liz, that's very kind and encouraging of you. IF you want to talk about a piece.. I'll e-mail you more details for sure! xx


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