a week in my closet...

 Well hey there, lovelies!
So here's a weird thing.  I attempted to document what a 'week-in-my-closet' looked like.
Turns out I got bored/distracted/apathetic about the idea after only four outfits.
The days that I did remember to shoot a couple poses may give you a better glimpse into my sense of 'style' (ha, now I'm laughing...)! 
Day 1: feeling fancy.
If my hair's down... it means I've showered.
Throw a lace collar on with a cozy owl sweater - a re-fashioned polka dot dress - and cable knit tights.
This was my 'lets go shop for art supplies' outfit.

 Day 2: feeling funky
Hair up in a messy bun.
A big bold scarf... my crazy homemade vest with a belt, a shirt with hip-zips... and some cardinal red skinny jeans.
This was my 'time to go to Church' outfit.

 Day 3: feeling 'fatigues'
I've said before that I would join a boot-camp just for their wardrobe.
If it's army green.. I'll wear it.
A vintage scarf, light loose cardigan, army shirt, khaki zippered skinnies and some favourite wrist cuffs make this my go-to-style.
This is my 'stay at home mama' outfit... (you know, when I'm not in sweat pants and barefoot in the kitchen).

Day 4: feeling friendly
This is how I dress if the possibility of social interaction presents itself... (i.e: I may escape the house!).  Hair down, another vintage scarf, my leopard print wrist warmers, purple cardigan over a plum dress/shirt and my gold corduroys.
This is my 'ready to go' outfit.
Oh yes, and I really was talking on the phone... bet you didn't think I could multi-task!
I can also chew gum and walk at the same time, folks.
Hey look at this - a bonus shot:
Turns out I managed to take 5 shots this past week.

This is my essence-of-Mel shot:
I'm a bit frilly (handmade lace infinity scarf)
a bit frumpy (old man sweater with added elbow pads)
a teensy bit girly (coral tights)
a touch grungy (ripped jeans c/o my ben's closet).
What I realised in doing this post: 
I'm always wearing a scarf.
I have an eclectic style.
Most of my outfits include something I've made/re-fashioned. 
Also, I feel 80% dork, 20% vain and 20% vapid posing for these shots.
That's 120% premium awkwardness right there.

Let's all breath a collective sigh of relief that this is NOT a fashion blog.
Don't get me wrong.. I love seeing what other bloggers wear... but I think the only time I'll be doing loads of posing around here is just to show what upcycles I've been creating! 

the frumpy funky fashionista...
Mel ;o)


  1. You are crazy cute. Could I use one of your outfits for a post of mine over at Mom Spark sometime? I'd love to feature you on one of our Fashion Fridays!

  2. I am in mad love with the last outfit. You make grunge look good. I wish I was able to pull that style off. For me, it goes from being fashionable and funky to downright frumpy.

    I loved this post. I wish you were a fashion blog. Your style is rockin'!

  3. Awww you big sweetie! You're kind to say those things (I'll pay you later!) ;o) You've got plenty of style over there too lady... loving those handmade bits added to your wardrobe too! xx

  4. Wow.. I'd be flattered Des, merci! xx

  5. look how cute your clothes are! i am in love with the first outfit =) i normally look like #3 and #5 - i practically live in my army pants - except mine are baggy - i bought them like 3-4 sizes too big so that they would be..i never could get into the "skinny" style that is/was going around? idk i don't keep up with what is in or out. then throw on one of my 100+ tee shirts and either a cardigan or a zip up hoodie- and you have my every day wardrobe!

    i am trying to branch out tho - i have been starting a collection of very cute dresses so that this year when i vend at the farmers market i can look super cute instead of scaring away customers.

    im not sure if you will ever see "fashion" shots of me tho - maybe..just maybe i will get up the courage to post me in one of my dresses this spring/summer - i'll need a lot of talking into that tho!

  6. Oh well then Trisha, I'm going to have to dare you to do at least ONE outfit post - just so you can share in the torture here! Plus.. you're 'like' never on your blog, man! ;o) I think you and I would look pretty similar most days.. I'm all for the 'casual' layers most days. Yah - skinnies aren't my thing (as far as the SUPER tight, painted on.. 'I'm riding a chicken' looking ones)..just the skinny jeans that aren't baggy bell bottoms please. ;o)
    Ok.. go get dressed - and take a picture! lol

  7. haha idk - i like to stay pretty hidden, have never liked being in front of the camera much. ;p

    yeah whats up with those painted on things people wear!? (hahah riding a chicken!)holy crap! my mister and i always laugh and shake our heads its insane! i used to wear insanely baggy pants, back in my "raver style" days.. now i wear a lot of mens 501 levis that are too big for me but comfy - and khaki style baggish pants - no crazy huge pants or anything - but well pretty much anything is huge compared to the painted pants!

    and well - maybe a picture - you'll just have to wait and see.. but please no holding your breath for it! don't want to have to come up their to revive you.

  8. hahahaaahaa! Do eeet!


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