Here we go, go, go, go...

 ...on an(other) adventure!
(Yes, if you're a parent you're now singing Cat in the Hat with me).
So, remember how our family often takes little road trips... ending with a yummy treat to reward our travels?
Well, this time we headed off to Bobcaygeon.
Daughter Azriel and I are wearing our matching knit hats thanks to my sweet pal Wilson...(with my homemade branch button attached!).  Love it!

Driving through the countryside is always so beautiful.
It seems like our lungs expand with the horizon line.
(Cute side story: on this drive Azriel asked me 'which tree was my favourite'? as we zipped by all the fields... hilarious).

 Through snow and slush we arrived at our destination safe and ready for sweets!

 Kawartha Coffee Company did not disappoint.
Azriel and I decided to trade treats.. you know, so she could have a pastry the size of her head.

Hudson contentedly sat by.. and sipped a glass of water.
Can you believe he's going to be turning ONE in another month.. one!

We simple folk like our simple adventures.
Since any outing is a good one if it ends in dessert/coffee!

Mel ;o)


  1. I LOVE Azi's little outfit here! <3

  2. You have the best dressed kids in the world. Seriously! I feel like I should be taking pointers from Azi (or you). Geez, she's a cutie. And that little argyle sweater on Hudson has me swooning.

    Also, that's my kind of adventure. I love me some delicious treats and coffee! And, my favourite tree is always the gnarliest. ;)

  3. Haha.. you so funny! Considering the majority of their clothes are passed on/second hand.. I'm happy to just have them look 'good enough' out the door most days.. hehe. Hud is a hunk isn't he? Argyle rocks my socks. Gnarly trees eh? What about Pondo?! ;o) xx

  4. aw thanks Des.... I love the big fur trimmed hoods/vest combo for sure! xx

  5. They are so cute! Family trips are (well at least can be-lol) so much fun :)

  6. Thanks Aura... it's true - road trips with kiddos is like Russian roulette.. the melt-downs and merriment tend to intermingle! ;o)

  7. Totally my fav spot to stop in Bobcaygeon!

  8. ..yes, love it! Did you know they moved?? Right beside Bigleys..

  9. Looks like a great day! We go to Bobcaygeon in the summer sometimes. We'll have to try that place out.

  10. I didn't know that. Oh that is so dangerous. Cause I like looking at all the pretty shoes. And they got a birkenstock pile that makes me tear up a little.

  11. Oh, do! It's full of yummies.. and an antique shop upstairs.. I spotted 4 copper pots for the cook here - only $15!! We should all go ;o)


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