so she sews:

 My sewing has been 'so-so' lately.
After the Christmas-craft-show-chaos... I was giving the machine a breather.
But now I'm starting to miss my projects.  I really want to get back to creating some upcycled and thrifty fashion pieces.  I hope to make unique stuffed creatures to roam around our house for the kids (and me!).  I also long to create colourful bunting to fill every room!

But for now, I've been doing a few necessities:
The above bird mobile for another custom nursery order.
(Available to 'locals' only due to the fragile nature of branches)

 Some basic hemming and fixing up of fraying household linens.

Oh, and this curtain for our kitchen.
You know, since 'good curtains make good neighbours'... (translated: no more creepy kids staring at us from their bedroom all hours of the night!).
I was going to use muslin for this project... but the thought of having to sew four straight edges was enough to make me have a panic-attack, so I opted to go thrifting for a lace panel that I could just 'hem' the bottom edge with.
Laziness for the win!

This project also won me back to my sewing machine.
We had a bit of a 'falling out' after trying to get that burlap haversack sewn.  I broke four needles on the canvas/burlap seams... FOUR!  When you bust that many you just start to get this eye-twitch and compulsion to finish the project just to make all those needles feel like they didn't die in vain.  Not to mention how many times the thread (and I) snapped!
 It's not always a pretty sight around this nest when mama's sewing.

Guess I'd put the emphasis on seam-STRESS.

What projects have you been working on/dreaming about?
I'd love to hear them!

Mel ;o)


  1. sewing machines frighten me to death. i wish they didn't. just last night my good gf was over and we were talking about sewing because she has a machine she has had for a while and has yet to learn to use. maybe you should come over and teach her? ;)
    i have just been painting and fighting fleas. not mine but Foxy's. happy weekend!

  2. I have no idea how to sew. I bought a sewing machine in 2nd year college thinking I could sew rat hammocks but something happened, I screwed up the machine and bam... haven't sewed every since. That was 2006 and my sewing machine still sits in the closet exactly as I left it.

  3. I know all about the eye twitch!! Ha ha. When I'm sewing, I need peace, quiet, and more peace and quiet. When something doesn't turn out, it really turns me off. But when the project is successful, it's such a great feeling. I like your new curtain! I really like that haversack you made for Ben too. I don't have the right environment right now to make anything more complicated than a pillow cover...

  4. This weekend I hope to finish an e-reader case. I crocheted the outside and I'm going to use an old pair of corduroy pants as a liner. Fun!

    I can't wait to see where your inspiration takes you!

  5. You're a crocheting champ now eh? Good for you! I was thinking those burlap rice bags would make cool 'sleeves' for those devices too (if lined as well).. but I don't own such cool tech toys! lol
    Happy stitching friend - hope it preps you with confidence for that coat! ;o) xx

  6. Ha! Glad us nutters share the same mind Cristi... wish you could come on over and stitch along with me ;o) Soon we'll be ol' grannies with all the time in the world I'm sure... xx

  7. Oh this is tragic! I would be pretty lost if my machine went bust too... I'd likely toss it and thrift a new one, though it's intimidating to imagine settling on anything 'new' to what I'm used to now.
    I hope I can encourage you in any small way to somehow brush off the dust - find a repair shop and experiment afresh! You can do it! ;o) xx

  8. you? Frightened of a lil' ol' sewing machine?.. I think anyone who can do the fearless task of slapping paint to canvas must have the gusto to try something new (even at 40! lol). I chuckle to imagine me 'teaching' you/or your friend... since I'm a total self-taught hack that's just jumped in with both feet over these last few years! Ben bought me a machine 4 yrs ago and I haven't looked back. Anywho... one stitch at a time, you could be a convert in no time. But for now, good luck with those fleas.. and paints! eeep! xx


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