how we 'role...

...play', that is.

I'm learning to be a child again.
Especially since this lil' red is obsessed with dress-up/make-believe.

"Mama, let's pre'end I'm liddle red riding hood.. and you can be the big bad wolf".
Ok, deal!

"Now you be the Grandma, and I'll take care of you".
Even better... I get to just lie on the couch (acting old) for this scene.

"You be the teacher, mama.. and I'm the student.baby"
Um, ok.
"NO, use your teacher voice.. not your mommy voice"
<high pitch falsetto> Ok!
Oh the fun that is had here, I tell ya.
There isn't much cuter than a kid in costume.
Granted, when Dad uses his falsetto voice... that's a close second.

Room with a view - House head girl  /////  Magical toadstool fairy
I love watching this gal's imagination come to life.
Lately she talks to (with?) her toys endlessly.. inventing stories for all the little creatures under her care.  She tends to narrate her own actions too, so, that's something.

It's hilarious to hear her splice together various nursery rhymes, children's songs and Bible stories into one big make-believe mash up.
You may recall (Facebook friends) how the other day she said:
"Lets play Daniel in the den"
So, I surrounded myself with savage stuffed animals as 'lions' and prayed for help.
"Are you an angel sent to help me?" I asked her.
She, wearing her fairy wings, looked down at me and said:
"NO, I'm busy".
Things do get a little fierce around here when we're make believin'..
Aren't we scary?
Yes, yes I am wearing lil' Hudson's wolf pants on my head... I'm trying to get into character, people.
This 3 yr. old is teaching me how to be a child again.
To see life through imaginative eyes.

As a child I remember endless days of playing 'cops & robbers' 'cowboys & indians natives!'
and pretending my best bud and I were monkeys in our favourite climbing tree.  I think we finally outgrew those roles when we were... thirteen, maybe?!
What did you love pretending to be?

Make believe.
It's a howling good time,
mel ;o)


  1. ah yes, cops and robbers and cowboys and...natives. my older brother used to tie me to my little rocking chair and pretend I was the bad guy. he also took all the good dress-up stuff.

    Azriel is so adorable! I love to listen in when they talk to themselves. Have fun you guys!!

  2. aren't they the best right now? i was lily's baby in her bed yesterday (perfect for resting) and she was the mommy. she made me all sorts of food in her kitchen, changed my diaper... fun stuff. i also took a 5 minute video of her talking to her drawing of Ariel. will post soon. hysterical stuff. love this age!!

  3. So so fun (you know, to make up for the times they're not ...!)! Every kid could be a comedy show I think. Sounds like you're well taken care of there too... lol! xx

  4. Sounds like a big brother indeed! It's hilarious to eavesdrop on them eh? Ben wrote it all out on the laptop once... too funny. Then there's that moment when you peek in at them playing alone so well.. and they spot you and it's OVER... they want you to entertain them again. lol!

  5. ah..i miss being a little kid

  6. no time like the present to re-embrace it.... lol. Granted, I wish we could 'pretend' the bills/responsibilities away for real! ;o)

  7. What a Beautiful Soul she is!
    Enjoy her and enjoy being a child again:)

  8. Aww thanks lovely, we think so too! We'll keep enjoying her/it... and you do the same with your darlings too. xx ;o)

  9. That pouty face in the first photo is so cute!!!! And, what a good mom you are to put a pair a pant on your head just to get into character. You guys have fun. It's adorable.

  10. Isn't she adorbs (especially when pouting.. which makes it hard not to laugh when she's being 'serious' about it.. !). I was sooo tempted to put a video here of me snarling and chasing her.. as she 'beat' the wolf back and then defiantly put her hand on her hips and stared down the camera... alas, she was in undies.. and I fear her future 'embarrassment'/anger over that! ;o) lol
    We do have fun!


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