[M.M:1] What no one tells you ~ [pregnancy].

Welcome to the first edition of Monday Mamalogues!
A place to celebrate the beauty and breakdowns of motherhood...
For my part.. I'll be starting up a mini-series that's been echoing around my head for the past number of months.  The basic theme is 'what no one tells you' about four separate stages of motherhood (pregnancy/delivery/infancy/toddlerhood).
*Warning: the following nuggets of maternal *insight* are highly subjective and based solely on this mama's experience; it contains truth with a pinch of hyperbole...  your job will be to discern the first from the latter!*
Pregnant with our first - Azriel 2009

I never dreamed of being a mama.  You may recall how I wrote about us not being 'kid people' in the past.  When friends started to announce they were expecting I used to be pretty non-pulsed.
"Meh" I thought.. "good luck with that".
But now - on the other side of baby hatching - I'm elated to hear of such news.
I rejoice with loud hurrahs!
"Congrats" I squeal... while in the far back of my brain there's this maniacal laughter snorting "they don't have a clue what's about to hit them!".
It seems that no one tells us a lot of *important* things before/when we get pregnant... (at least I didn't feel prepared for these):

* First, fertility is craziness!  
Peeing on a stick to say you're a "|" not pregnant... or "| |" you are, is a roller coaster of emotions.  (I don't recommend doing it at 3am and discovering that you ARE.. and then you're supposed to just go back to bed and pretend its a dream instead of waking your husband and freaking him out too!).

* Morning sickness.. is a myth.
All day, all night... no mercy is more like it.
Did you know vomiting is like being strangled... your eyes pop their blood vessels and you look truly horrific.. that's a thing.  I have the health card photo to prove it.
I thank God for the wee miracle pill Diclectin.  Not sure how the pioneers survived without it!

* Personal space is hijacked.
I think most women are a bit self-concious about their belly jelly.. it's usually not 'flat, taught or tight' enough.  So you get pregnant, and suddenly every stranger and their dog want to caress that growing - but still awkward - part of your body!!
I get that it's holding a blooming miracle. I do.
But I'm not a petting zoo.

* Cravings... now these are fun.
Whether it's pickles and ice cream... or 6 popsicles in a row, pregnant women get what they want!  Well... unless it's alcoholic... or loaded with sugar or caffeine.
So of course - those were my cravings!
(I was eager to test the theory about a rich Stout helping with milk supply after birth!).

No one really told me that 9 10+months of pregnancy is like a glowing gauntlet.
I think God timed it to take several months so that by the end of your 'baby.brewing' you're finally eager to embrace any labour pain - just to get that '10 pin bowling ball' off your tail bone!  

Now, don't get me wrong... it's a wonderful miracle to house a lil' soul in your belly.
(It's even fun to document your growth with fruit!)
I wouldn't trade this beautiful mess of a time for anything.
Oh, and you know what else no one told me?
Maternity pants are incredible.
Did you know such 'trousers' existed... with a stretchy waist you can pull up and over your own head?  The perfect solution for what to wear to Christmas dinners! 
Well now you know.
Just wait till next week where you hear more *insights* about labour/delivery! Ha.

Any other things 'no one told you' about being pregnant? I'd love to hear!

Mama Mel ;o)

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  1. Oh, the cravings! I remember waking up in the middle of the night craving for mash and sausages - I really wanted it there and then, but my hubs told me to go back to sleep....zzzzz. I also craved for fizzy Ribena! Fortunately, I didn't have any morning sickness.

    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award!


  2. The moment I first slipped into a pair of mat pants, I wondered why I hadn't been wearing them my whole life. Seriously. Why am I not wearing them right now????

  3. I had an insane craving for hot sauce throughout my whole pregnancy. I literally wanted it on everything and for the first three months it was pizza and hot sauce. My husband just bought me a ton of pizza pops and I ate those constantly.

    And sushi, but despite the pregnancy no/no of it, I ate it anyways and loved it.

  4. thank you for backing up my pregnant theory in saying that pregnancy is 10 months and not 9. let's just round it up and say it's a whole year!! great post

  5. Ha.. a year! It feels like it in the end doesn't it? I was overdue the two week 'maximum' with both our kids... so it's totally 10+months in my books. Thanks so much for being here Claudia... mothering 'plants'?! ;o) lol

  6. Hot sauce?! Wow.. I'm amazed lil J wasn't born with red hair! lol... sushi..mmmmm.

  7. Ha! I've found that 'leggings' are the new form of mat pants.. nice and stretchy, thank you. ;o)
    Love having you here... you're a hilarious 'zombie' mama. xx

  8. Now you're making me hungry! ;o) Thanks for the kind nomination too.. that's sweet of you Agy!

  9. yes! i'm always mothering plants. it's a nice break from Lily ;)


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