STAY at home.. mama.

So this,
this here is why I shouldn't be allowed out of the house.
Or, to be more precise... why I shouldn't get near clothing stores.

Y'all know by now I have a soft spot for lace/doilies... and the retail dealers still know they can hook me with their fine wares.
(Gah!  Why am I so darn predictable!).

So this,
we were trying to just 'get out of the house' and 'let the kid run off some steam' so we opted to go to the most forsaken mall on the planet.
(You locals would know it as 'Portage').
This place is creepy.. like a post-apocalyptic walking-dead kind of mall.
Most shops are empty and barred shut.
Translated: a huge indoor race track to let our daughter run down instead of getting frostbite outside!

So, who knew I'd get sucked in by the teeny-bopper clothing shop that still remains there.
They had crazy cheap deals on everything... and entire sections devoted to lace shirts and dresses!
This is why I shouldn't be allowed out of the house.
Oh, and these fan-freakin-tastic aztec tights... yah, that happened too.

See, I have no willpower.
Despite no 'budget' for random clothing... I can justify/rationalise/plead the reason for why I neeeeeeeeeeed these new items in my closet.
I could blame my Ben for being too sweet as well, since he'll just respond "go for it babe, you never buy yourself anything nice".  Awww.

So there.
I'm weaker than I think.
I'm more girly than I like to admit.
But I'm dressed a bit more funky!

How's your willpower in the face of a 'SALE' sign?

frugal fashionista,

Mel ;o) 

P.S ~ how I wish I could have shown you a video of lil' Azriel dancing like a ding-dong to all the bass pounding beats of that store's music.  (We were both busting out sweet moves in the change room too!).  Exercise?  Check.


  1. Ahahaha last time I was at Portage that's exactly how it was. A post apocalyptic mall!

    Glad to see you get some nice duds, it's always fun to shop for yourself.

  2. ha!! i'm a sucker for the teeny bopper store too because of that same exact reason. cheap! i must say though that these days my will power has become stronger. i'm trying to shop within my own closet and come up with new combos and ways of wearing things since i usually just combine the same things together. love your picks!! happy weekend. xo

  3. I actually gave myself a high-five this week when, even after filling my cart with goodies, I resisted the urge to press purchase during the Modcloth sale. I honestly felt like a champ for holding out. I mean, everything only tallied up to about $50 and I would have walked away with plenty for that cost, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I think I must be growing up or ... maybe I'm just more aware of my bank account.

    You definitely deserve a little shopping trip. You work hard, my friend. And those tights HAD to go home with you. They are WAY too brilliant to leave behind.

  4. Wowsers, that is impressive restraint! Good job there... and thanks, I'm loving them! ;o)

  5. ..ha! That sounds like a spot I would've gone crazy for too... I really do hate malls.. but sometimes those deals are too hard to resist! ;o)

  6. ha! Yes.. yes it was.. shhhhhhhhhhh! Glad you found your employment sweet spot now. Glad I'm in good company as a willpower wuss! ;o) xx

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  8. haha.. you and me both lady! ;o) xx


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