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Hudson born ~ 02.15.12
 Well I'm back with my second part of the four-part series: 'what no one tells you' and this highly sarcastic subjective one is about:


Oh, where to start...
One of the primary concerns that I remember with approaching my first labour was: "how will I handle the pain"?!  
Because you hear so many extremes about it:
*Pushing a watermelon out a grape sized hole.
*A tigress roar and 'pop' you have a baby!

To all of that, yes.

Maybe we fear pain so much because we live in a culture of self-cushioning.
Got an ache? Medicate.
Too hot? Air condition.
Too cold?  Crank the furnace.

This whole notion of 'embracing' or 'pushing through' (instead of running from) pain is quite foreign to us. I remember dropping a jar of olives on my toe while pregnant and forcing myself to 'breathe through the pain' instead of the usual cluster-cuss-shrieking-hopping-on-one-foot reaction.

Both labours I've experienced were full throttle intensity thanks to being hopped up on Oxytocin (since both babes were 2 weeks overdue... and required some 'encouragement' to get out... lazy babies).  I was still convinced I could push through the labour without taking pain medication.  Ha.. hahaha.. ha.

During Azriel's birth I had to get an epidural due to complications (birth story).
 During Hudson's birth I managed to make it through (birth story).
But that intensity of every molecule in your body pulsing pain came close to making me feel completely unhooked.

Every woman who has experienced birth is a super hero.
You feel ready to take on any challenge in life after that.
Although the challenges of becoming a mother... that I wasn't feeling quite ready for.
They plop that baby in your lap and you sit there stunned.
'Now what do I do with them?'  I thought.

And then, wonder of wonders... they actually let you take this precious helpless bundle of baby home with you!  You feel like you're walking out of a bank with all their money.
Like any moment now someone's going to run after you and say 'wait, you're not fit to be parent!'.
But you keep driving.

The first day of the rest of your life - as a parent - has begun.
It's about to get a whole lot of crazy up in here...
next week: what no one tells you about infancy!

mama Mel ;o)

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  1. I thought with my first that I wouldn't need an epidural. Ha! I too was induced, and grabbed the juice.
    Gratefully had epidural's with my second and third as well. Once I was medicated, it was almost like a date- just me and my husband, relaxing together. Good for you for having Hudson sans needle. It's amazing what our bodies can actually do!

  2. Yes! I kind of totally absoutly agree with this, the notion that we cushion ourselves from everything. I had Stella in Japan where epidurals are not standard. My labour was pitcoin induced and no pain meds were offered, and to top it all off, I was expected to reamin quiet {as in not screamy shouty TLC birth story style} (which I managed, ish). And you know what, it was fine. There was a point during transition that I felt I coud not go on, but then I realised hey self, yes you can. You were ment to do this. So just have this baby already. So, after 23 hours of labour, no sleep, and no pain meds, my girl came to me! And (hope this dosen't sound braggy or I'm so awesome-y), but it really was one of the proudest accomplishments in my life, because generally I am a huge wimp.

  3. Also, I'm posting a post from a few days ago because I have not time to write something new, but still want to play.

  4. Hey, guess what!? I'm a 'slow cooker' too :) Both Eamon and Winnie were exactly 14 days over due. Sorry to hear about your intense labours. I understand that oxytocin induced pain is excruciating! You really are a super hero :) And, you're a great mom! ♥

  5. oh boy....birth....i must say that i was blessed with a relatively short and natural birth at a birthing center with a midwife because Lily was head down during most of the pregnancy and there were no complications. but.... the contractions. omg the contractions. i didn't know whether i was going to faint, vomit or shit myself all at once. i pushed that girl out though. super power! and then 4 hours after giving birth to her we were in a car going home. yeah.

  6. Ohhh you lucky mama, that Lily always knows how to behave so well! lol... I wish we had birthing centers more available here - I opted to have my dear midwives with me at the hospital - (since saying 'home birth' is taken as 'squatting in a ditch with a witch doctor' from most folks.. ha!). Ok I kid. Anyhow... sounds incredible tho.. do you have your birth story blogged? xx

  7. Ugh - water breaking!! Could've written another essay on that craziness too - never had it happen with Azi as it was all plugged behind her coming out. But with Hud - it broke = kept 'breaking' no one tell you that it KEEPS gushing.. I literally told Ben to go get me DEPENDS.. and, he did. lol
    Sounds like a scary time for you though, glad you/and he made it through beautifully in the end!
    Thank God!

  8. I think Due dates are just put in place to drive you insane actually.. ! :o) Love that 'slow cooker'.. guess they just knew a good place when they saw it and were in no rush to vacate. And YES oxy is crack to contractions... the nurse kept cranking it up on me to (saying she wanted to hear me screaming.. um... what??!!). Kind of felt like Braveheart in his final scene on the rack there! lol
    Thanks sweetie, takes one to know one. xx

  9. Oh I would so love to hear that birthing story - LOVE hearing about how other cultures approach these moments in life (maybe I should've been a cultural anthropologist....). Incredible what a woman can do when she sets her mind to it - from wimp to WOW mama! ;o) xx

  10. 'A date' ha.. you slay me. Ben came out of the first labour like a shell-shocked war veteran! Poor guy.. the second time around was pretty intense too - probably the funniest moment I can remember with him was me -in full on crazy labour - looking over at his paled complexion and saying "are YOU ok?" lol. God made us quite the powerhouses of maternal strength! ;o)

  11. Oh, I love birth stories! I love how every one is so different and special. I totally agree about the whole feeling of, "really? They're just letting me take this baby home?"

  12. believe it or not, i think i only have bits and pieces. i guess i should get on that... xoxo

  13. This is awesome. I'm so glad someone is finally telling the truth! :)

  14. with my second child (first labour though) I looked at my partner just after birthing that baby girl and said the same thing....'are you ok?' to which he replied 'I think I'm going to pass out'. Yes, powerhouses of maternal strength is right! I was in labour with her for 5 (yes five) days, seriously at least he got to snooze here & there! Like another commenter said I had a time during transition when I thought I couldn't go on but once my midwives checked me and I realized it was transition I just kept going. I was falling asleep between the pushing contractions (not sleeping for longer than 10 minutes for 4 nights and 5 days will let you do that). My son (first delivery) was an emergency c-section and I only got as far as mild contractions and 1cm. That c-section and recovery time though, I knew I never wanted to do it again if I could help it and pushed me through my second very long labour. When I was in labour with my daughter Labour and Delivery was so jammed packed with c-sections that they were willing to let me keep going to see if my labour would finally progress, and it did. so much to be thankful for delivering my girl and my boy too.

  15. oh now your comment appears! got it, lol! xx

  16. 5 days... oy!! You're a champ Meg - thanks for sharing your story! ;o)


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