here + there.

a rare breed
gypsy dressin'
tapestry + toys
sunbeam CATcher
icing licker
double chocolate (reason #426 I love my husband) cake
relaxing with in-laws

 My glimpse of heaven.

Just a few peeks into the sweetness that filled our nest this past week.

Have a beauty-filled day friends,
Mel ;o)


  1. The photo of Sweet Slumbering Son is just what I needed to see today. Thank you AGAIN for sharing from your nest, Mel. I appreciate you!

  2. Aw, thanks lovely. This shot it just what I needed today too... poor lil' man is still fighting sickness that makes 'slumber' a rare gift lately. I could stare at that shot/him for hours! ;o) xx

  3. My favourite is definitely Azi with that beater in her hand. So cute and the composition is great. You're also looking pretty lovely in that photo of you hanging with the inlaws. I hope you're a happy lady! xx

  4. Thanks bud, it's funny how Azi licking icing from those took me right back to my own childhood.. a fond memory indeed! Here I thought you'd like the 'gypsy' shot.. tee hee. ;o) xx

  5. Well that one goes without saying! ;)


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