pondering: the present.

Sometimes wisdom peeks out of unexpected places.

Did you know I did Kung-Fu?
No, no.. not the real stuff... but the made-up moves with my daughter and I.
We call it Kung-Fu Panda, and it's awesome.
But I digress, if you've seen the movie you may recall a beautiful quote:

"Yesterday is history,
tomorrow is a mystery,
today is all we have... that's why it's called the present".

See, sometimes I'm guilty of nostalgic hindsight... thinking 'if only things were like they used to be...".
Sometimes I'm guilty of distant dreaming... thinking 'if only things were over with now.. and we were a year/two ahead'.
A lot of these thoughts can be chalked up to raising toddlers currently.
Mainly, the dream of what it used to feel like to get a full nights sleep!

What is it about human nature, that we struggle so much with being content in the present?

Why do we only appreciate things when they're taken away?

Some days, when I'm feeling a bit sunk in an exhausted heap.. it's hard to see the present as a 'gift'.  Something larger than me needs to bring perspective.

Grief is large.
Families in Newton.

Gratitude is large.

Suddenly my discontent is exposed as complete rubbish.
So what if the kids sleeplessness makes us all cranky... we at least have them to hold tightly another day.
So what if the banking account is like a moth convention... we're still so rich compared to most of the world.

Remember how I wrote my 16yr old self a letter?
Well, sometimes the 'future-me' wants to write this present mama a letter.

Saying: 'today is a GIFT.
Stop complaining and commit to gratitude.
Hold those lil' dears closely... tantrums, tears and all.
Love more, worry less.
God has this.'

Holding this one precious and wild life,
like a sparrow in my hand,

Mel ;o)


  1. Good stuff, mama <3 Thanks for this.

  2. Ian always tells me that I already have my bags packed for another adventure before I've arrived at the one I've already planned. Like, for instance, when we moved to Jasper, as we were driving into town for the first time, Ian asked me what I was thinking and I said, "where we'll go next."

    It's a bad habit. And, it's a habit that makes it hard to be content in the here and now. I think it's common to be stuck in the future or the past or both. I just wish it was easier to break free and enjoy today. It's definitely something to work on.

  3. thanks for sharing friend, you have gypsy blood for sure eh?! I guess there's bound to be some form of 'healthy balance' between having an adventurous heart and learning contentment - 'presence' in the daily. You're a peach. xx

  4. thanks luv. xx

  5. I talk to myself too. It's alright to be crazy, especially when the 'voice' in our heads is so positive :)
    I love that quote from Kung Fu Panda too. We're big KFP fans around these parts. ♥

  6. Hehe.. sometimes it worries me how much are brains align... you're a good kind of crazy mama!


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