If you hear a bell ringing and someone yelling "unclean!"... it's not a hoard of lepers, just us.
Ok, the majority of us are all better now.
This past Christmas and winter had taken us down repeatedly.
I'm sure a lot of you out there were snuffling and sneezing too?

 But our poor lil' Hudson.  He's had a rough go of it.
Congested, fevers, ear infections, coughs.
He sounds like Darth Vader and a coffee percolator.

So, after THREE trips to the doctors in less than a week... we're hoping that this is the end of all the prescriptions (various ones that cleared out the money, but not his sickness).
A grandfatherly specialist in a dapper bow tie today gave the final diagnosis.
He's got a Respiratory Syncytial Virus... or, a bronchitis of sorts.

Translated: any cold/flu bug that gets near this guy will cause it to flare up into a congested mess again.

le sigh.
quarantine family.

More cuddles.
More snuffles.
Less sleep.
Less socials.

Can I just publicly declare to all my friends and loved ones out there... we miss you.
So many friends fall through the cracks when I'm home with these sickly kids. 
It's hard to find the time/energy to keep up relationships that you value but can't 'fit'.
Just know that you're still missed, and loved.

Let's make a rain check for coffee... how's five years from now?!

hibernating mama,
Mel ;o)


  1. my poor sweet mama! somehow (knock on wood) we have not had anything here, but it's becoming an epidemic! nearly every single person i know has some form of horribleness! sending healing spores your way! :)

  2. oh no :( i hope he gets better soon. it's the worst when the little ones get sick. xo

  3. Man oh man. You guys have had a terrible go this winter. I'm so sorry to hear about little Hud. I hope he clears up soon, so you can have a little outside fun. Take care of yourself, mama! xx

  4. Yeah.. I keep wanting to ask for a 'winter do-over' since this one has been a real pain, but it's alright, we're going to make it! ;o) Even today was WAY better than yesterday for Hud's health.. so that's great. Thanks sweets, you're a kind pal. xx

  5. It is heart squishing isn't it?! The only 'perk' is the adorable amounts of cuddles in the midst of it all. ;o)

  6. Ha! Well, if laughter is the best medicine.. you're helping there! (picturing you knocking wood - by wacking your own skull Mrs.Wood!)... and 'healing spores'.. lol. Thanks lovely. xx

  7. Oh dear me... it has been a terrible year... not good that your home has fallen to the ick as well. (((HUGS))). If it makes you feel any better (probably not) we too have had a rough run this season... I even had pnemonia (that was a first). Looking forward to Springtime and warm weather... with no cold or flu season in sight. Take good care of your and your sweet ones.

  8. Oh NO! Sorry to hear you guys got hit too... that's such a rough go... it seems like everyone this year got it extra bad. I'll take those big hugs and send you back a large dose too. ;o)

    Please remember to let me know IF/when you ever start blogging again.. deal? lol

  9. Oh dear, so sorry to hear about your troubles. I keep hearing about all these sick people in town! But I haven't even had a sniffle!! So grateful for a strong immune system ... for me and all the people in my life!

  10. natalie jennings19 January 2013 at 23:20

    yeah James got it in september and me in may but not christmas thankfully.


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