D.I.Y: fabric scraps infinity scarf

 Here's a scrap-happy easy sewing project for all you lovelies.
If you're looking for a funky way to upcycle all those strips of leftover fabric you may have... here's an idea:
A fabric scraps infinity scarf.

 Maybe I'm just too Scottish... or a hoarder... but I tend to stash my fabric remnants in a bin after every sewing project.  Considering that half the pile are ridiculously miniscule shards of cloth.. it's no surprise they just sit there unused.
Until today.

 This is messy, fast, carefree sewing friends.
Simply grab strips of random fabrics and twist them to contain the fraying edges (you can wrap smaller 'accent' pieces around them too) and feed it through your machine.
I used a 2 degree zig-zag line.
Just keep twisting new strips into the preceding pieces as you go.

The longer you make your scrap scarf the more layers you'll have in the final product.
Mine was almost 10' in length!  Then, I sewed both ends together to make a large 'infinity' loop.  In less than twenty minutes.. a new funky scarf/fabric necklace is created!

I really like its messy, fraying, eclectic vibe.
You could use this approach for creating fun wrist 'bangles' or hair bands too.
(But, if you prefer a more clean-edged version of stacked-fabric scarves.. you may recall this past d.i.y project).

*And, if you want to do a no-sew option.. just cut various t-shirt strips and knot them together.*

Scrappily happily yours,
Mel ;o)


  1. this is GORGEOUS! my most favorite medium! i need to try this and add some lovely pieces of yarn to the mix.... this might be tonight's project!!!! xo

  2. aww yeah sista suz... you could so do that!! ;o) Rock it, mama. xx

  3. This is just what I was looking for.....it's soooooo much more interesting than most of the scarves I see with tutorials using t shirts, etc. As a lover of OOAK unusual things, this is definitely a star.


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