cuteness + cupcakes!

Yes, he is a mischievous rascal of cuteness.

Yesterday I was saying how we'd likely have to puree his 1st birthday cupcake (since he always gags on any 'real' food we give him)...

...turns out he can chew just fine!

That lil' rascal just likes to spit/gag/choke on mama's attempts to give him avocado, crackers, ground chicken... but miraculously knows how to wolf down his first taste of sugar!

But really, who could resist his daddy's carrot/pineapple cupcakes + orange cream cheese icing!Nom nom nom.

We're having a fun birthday weekend here!
Hope yours is going sweetly too.

See you all Monday for the Mamalogues link-up again!

Mel ;o)


  1. That first photo is AMAZING. I'm glad you put a watermark on it. I swear, everyone's going to want to steal it. Hud is so bloody cute. It's out of control!!

    And, I love that he can chew and that all it took was some delicious sugar to get him there. A rascal indeed.

  2. Hahah.. its so true - I heartily agree with all your sweet words Nicole, thanks!! xx


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