D.I.Y: doily bunting banner (SOLD)

 Hello lovelies!
So I'm a firm believer that bunting (flags/banners) make any room better.
This project is a fusion of my doily delighting nature and bunting bliss!

1) Collect a variety of thrifted/antique doilies of different sizes.
2) Fold each doily in half and cut down the middle to make two.
3) Arrange the half pieces in the banner line... and pin in place to folded bias tape (or folded ribbon). 

Note: when you start to pin the doilies into the center fold of your bias tape.. make sure to leave room for a loop at each end for hanging.
Sew (zig-zag) the dolies to the inside... then fold your ribbon over the doilies and sew the final (straight line) along the finished edge.
Doilytful isn't it?!

This delicate, antique bunting is versatile enough to hang in a baby's nook, or a granny's tea room.  Pretty-full enough to decorate a wedding, or be a photo-shoot backdrop.
 And lots more options in between!

Annnnnd, guess what?  If you share my love of doilies/bunting...but don't sew,
you can buy this beauty here!
13 different doily halves.. along a 11.5' strip of ribbon.
Now, due to it's unique antique nature there's only these two versions for sale:
Seen above: the tan ribbon - doily bunting.
Not seen: army green ribbon - same doily bunting.

$40 Cndn. (PayPal) SOLD!
(FREE shipping)
I'm eager to send these lovelies off to the first two doily-delighters that contact me:
(Will mark as SOLD here for each once sales are confirmed).

Happy crafting friends!
Mel ;o)

P.S - Stay tuned for another SHOP update today too... reversible wood necklace pendants!


  1. This is beautiful- great idea. I love bunting too, and the doilies look so pretty.

  2. so doilyful!!!!!!

  3. thanks lovelies! xx

  4. These are lovely!! You are all about the doilies! I love it. You're bringing the granny look into the present. :)

  5. ha! You know it... not sure when/why the doily got me under it's spell so long ago, but I'm hooked and have done countless crafty projects with them since! Go grannies!! ;o)


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