here + there

Nothing beats a fresh box o' crayons.
Azriel drew 'mom + dad'.. nailed it!
play house + hoot
chopping + crock potting
cute crawler
sunrise + snuggles
The days keep rolling in and fading out... like waves crashing on the shore.
Sometimes the routines feel like utter futility.. building sand castles just to see them sunk.
Cleaning, Organising, Cooking, Laundering.. repeat.

Sometimes the routines feel like a content rhythm... the peaceful sound of waves rocking in and out.
Restoring, Rebuilding, Redeeming... repeat.

Another week, another peek at the moments in our nest.
I feel like I'm really trying to be mindful of what my mind is full of lately.
Am I resenting my current role as a mama... or rejoicing in it?
(Just ask me in another five minutes... it's subject to change).

Overall it's been a lovely week here so far... and I'm eager to paint more today as my parents have abducted our daughter for another sleepover!

I'll have this cuteness to watch when I miss her:
(Um, no Hudson isn't drinking Coke.. it's prune juice water.)

How's your week going friend?
 Are you feeling submerged under the waves of life, or doing the backstroke lately?

Mel ;o)


  1. I'm really enjoying life right now, thankful for the struggles that allow me to appreciate the peaceful times right now! :)

  2. I am trying to be optimistic about the future. My husband has a job interview today so we are keeping his fingers crossed his confidence comes across. We just want to get ahead.

  3. having grandparents close by to kidnap kids for a sleepover must be awesome. wish we had that. it's been an ok week so far. i'm starting to think that motherhood is a constant rollercoaster of resentment and rejoicement. anyway, keep on keepin' on! xo

  4. having an "i'm in shambles" day, but this lifts my spirits and gives me better perspective xo
    meanwhile, packages STILL need to be sent out, just need to get away to the post office ALONE! you have not been forgotten :)

  5. Wow, that video was so cute! Azi and Huds remind me of Eamon and Winnie. I just love to watch them play together. It's only going to get better, I promise. I love having kids so close in age because they are best friends who get to play together everyday and have a sleepover every night!
    I'm feeling remarkably positive right now though everything is our life seems subject to change at the moment. Same thing though, ask me later this afternoon and I'll have a different answer :)
    Have fun painting!!!

  6. Yes it delights me to the core to see them caught up in laughter/play with each other - though I know I'll need to be referee mama soon too! Happy to hear you're riding a high wave currently... surfs up duuuuuuude. ;o) xx

  7. Awww... sorry sista Suz.. those days are no fun (except for making the good days feel all the more 'gooder'!). No worries about any rush to mail, take your time, I know you 'luff' me! hehe.. xx

  8. Grandparents are a HUGE blessing.. especially having both pairs in town here - and both eager to lavish love on their grandkids! True deal about that roller coaster... still learning to scream "Wheeeee" on those down hill parts. ;o) xx

  9. Oh wow.. eager to hear how that goes! We're in a similar space here too.... future plans are always a blind step forward aren't they? Hope to hear good news for your crew! xx

  10. That's wonderful to hear! We both had 'water' on the brain with our posts here... that was funny.
    A beautiful perspective to use the rough to polish to diamonds in your life ;o) xx


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