Shop the NEST: reversible wood pendants

 Hi again friends.. just a quick SHOP update here.

Many of you locals have already seen/purchased these before... so this current collection is all I have left in stock now.
 Lightweight reversible wood pendants.
Features unique decorative papers sealed to the wood.
Hangs from a thin brown strap with a silver clasp at back.

 1. Front: doily paper overlaid on birch bark. Back: french text.
2. Front: indigo floral motif. Back: brown leaf motif.
3. Front: colourful pixels.  Back: sea-glass and birds drawn on top.
4. Front: white feather drawn on birch bark.  Back: old map image..(cattle pulling plow).

4. As listed above.
5. Front: colourful red pixel.  Back: old map image (snake vs. animal?).
6. Front: purple pixel.  Back: floral motif.
7. Front: red pixel.  Back: pink pixel.

$12 Cndn. (PayPal)
Which is like $6 for two necklaces.. in one!  FREE shipping worldwide.

Please contact me with your selection (and I can mark each here as sold).

Creatively yours,
Mel ;o)


  1. Mel, these are gorgeous! I don't know where you find the time or the inspiration. You endlessly amaze me. I adore the one with the birds. So pretty.

  2. Aw thanks so much Nicole! The time? Well... it's always a collection of woven bits here and there (during kids naps/evenings... you know, when others maybe watch T.V or something?!).. The inspiration? Well.. you should see my brain, it's a non-stop carnival of ideas... tiring, really! lol.
    I'll keep that bird one in mind ;o)


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