here + there

mr. mandolin man.
colourful corners of cuteness.
chubby crawler.
Beatrix + birdies.
hanging acorn + halls aglow.
'Off with her head!'

Hehe.. I like this last shot, it's as if my noggin got chopped off.. and my friend Jen ~ Lucky stitched it back on again (her embroidered portrait of moi on the right there!).
So there you have it - another week another peek into some moments at our nest.
The kids caught another cold/flu bug.. (again!) which Ben and I had over the weekend... can this season please be over all ready!?  There's also some interesting changes that are on the horizon for our crew again... so we'll see what happens (dunh-duh-duuuhhhhh).
In other news, I'm feeling quite eager for Spring now... cabin fever and calorie consuming is not a good mix for this mama (growing fat + feral).  Ha!

How's your week going, friends?

mel ;o)

(P.S.. for those who are seeing these 'peeks' and missed the past official tour of our nest... you can catch up on all our rooms starting back here).


  1. I love that Beatrix Potter print! We have a wonderful one that I got the day I found out we were having a boy. Beautiful pictures as always.

  2. thankfully we are all healthy! hope you all get better soon. xo

  3. That birdy mobile is so cool! Can I assume you made it with your very own crafty little hands?

  4. Yes you can assume away.. it was the very FIRST one I ever made.. back in the day that our Azi was a baby.. with a root from our favourite park. Most stuff in her room (like the other shot above) was made/painted/sewn by me.. so that's fun!) ;o)

  5. ..looks like we're on the mend now.. ish! thanks! xx

  6. Her illustrations are lovely! Thanks for being here, as always! ;o) xx

  7. Macarons and a mandolin! :D LOVE

  8. hehe.. that's all my mister - he's the music-making, macaron-baking dream! ;o)

  9. OH MY GOODNESS... laughing so hard at the off with your head... no head in the reflection, needlework head to the right & the axe "thingy" hanging on the wall on the left side of the picture!

  10. Haha - glad you share my humour! ;o) Hope your sweet crew is keeping well? xx


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