here + there.

birthday boy + balloons
doily + dreamer
coffee + conversation
spicy peanut Szechuan noodles...mmmmmm.
snow + sunrise
wheels + squeals
Another week.. another peek at some moments in our nest.
I'm noticing a trend here.. a slide.show of my favourite things... which aren't even things ~ it's my family.  It's so easy to just take a billion cute shots of our kids isn't it?
I really try to restrain/filter not filling this entire blog full of them!
Soo.. I'll try to get back on board with showing other glimpses of our nest here... maybe.

The birthday weekend was lovely!
Good food, family and friends.
Now it's back to the usual week of kid-wrangling, cleaning, cooking, crafting, errand running etc.

The sky was filled with big fat lazy snowflakes today... so pretty.
Our home was filled with the scent of crock pot 'beef stew'.
The kids (read: daughter) were driving me mental today.
Some days you just wake up and feel like the 'ability' to mother has vaporized.
But then I look back on pictures like these and heave a blessed sigh at how lucky I am to have them! 

Ok, that was me.
How about you.. how's the week treating you?

Mel ;o)


  1. oh i so know that feeling of the ability to mother being vaporized this week. Lily had no ballet on monday and no school on tuesday and she is driving me bananas. love her though. but still. bananas!

  2. That sunrise photos is beautiful! And those little munchkins are darn cute, whether they're driving you crazy or not. :)

    My week is going well. I have a busy day ahead. Three interviews one after the other! Yipes.

  3. yes.. that's the *only* beauty of babes that don't let me sleep in.. seeing the glorious sunrise every morning! ;o) Cute + crazy.. it's how we roll. Wow.. good luck with the business!! xx

  4. b.a.n.a.n.a.s.... it's bananas... thanks, now it's in my head!! Yes, this is a weird week .. not sure if its me - or her - likely both.. but we're feeling a bit batty here too! Good luck to us all... xx ;o)

  5. Oh my gosh I love that last pic. I can just imagine the adorable squealy baby noises he's making. :)


  6. he's a champion *raspberry* blower I tell ya! ;o) Annnd puts Xena's warrior squeal to shame.. lol!


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