stitching love on our walls...

 Hello lovelies,

Here's a simple embroidery project I completed this week... and I'm pretty delighted!
(Considering the piles of projects that are half-started... it's always a nice treat to begin - and finish - an idea).

 My guy Ben and I considered a few options of what words/text/verses I could go with.
I wanted something that inspired/defined our home.
Having just spent time reading 1 Corinthians 13... it struck me that the verse "love never fails" would be a beautiful choice.
(This also happens to be the same chapter that inspired my wrist tattoo).

 I cross-stitched the verse on to a stamped piece of muslin/canvas I had inherited.
Isn't the stamped design so pretty?  I loved working around that pattern.

 This stitched hoop now hangs in the ever-growing hall/wall of family-sentimental memories.
(You can learn more about this collection here).

(I also hung that painting on the left that  I did for my home.brewing home.slice baker ben!)
I really enjoy seeing this reminder every time I come down the stairs.
Every start to a new day.
"Love never fails".

We fail.
We falter.
We suffer heartbreak and hurt.
But 'love' isn't the cause... just the absence or abuse of it.

So I want to hold tight to the source of Love.
And I want to shine it out in a home - in a world - hungry for real love.

What word/message would you stitch on your walls?

Creatively yours,
Mel ;o)


  1. This turned out amazingly! great work! I've been itching to do some embroidery projects lately and this isn't helping :P

  2. i absolutely LOVE this idea! and it came out soooo beautiful! this inspires me to maybe re-create a note i found in my great aunts craft room after she died. it was tacked to the wall and simply read " I love you, always will." it was from her husband and it is probably the most treasured thing that i found when going through her things. i have it framed, but stitching it onto cloth would be so special, and quite symbolic....thanks for this post xoxo

  3. thanks lovely ;)

  4. aww... that is a sweet story.. memory.. and glad you're inspired to preserve it in a pretty way! xx

  5. thanks! Hehe.. and.. sorry! ;o)

  6. cristi (icoulddothatdesign)28 February 2013 at 14:17

    hey Mel- this is so nice. i like projects that can be completed on the couch with your husband while he's watching tv or doing whatever. also nice to see that message every day in front of you.

  7. It's ok, I don't mind crafty temptations :P

  8. That's what I loved too Cristi.. crafting next to the hubs! ;)

  9. (Although he does hate it when I say "Uh-oh.. where did that needle go?!" lol

  10. Love this! I think it's time to rest the crochet hook and give stitchery a go!

  11. Love that YOU commented here... was just thinking the other day that as much as I prefer e-pal letters with you.. I still secretly miss your comments around this nest! ;o) xxx happy stitching sweets.

  12. I was on self imposed interweb restrictions... But it was too hard tehe!!!


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