colour me: in summer cheer!

 I just can't get enough of our kid's room.
the sunlight
the colours
the creativity
...it's enough to cheer up any dreary winter day.

This is my happy place.
I love to play with the kids here... or read a book on that couch while they entertain each other.

But maybe what delights me most is to see all the creativity poured into this room.
Almost every.thing in this room has been painted/upholstered/sewn by yours truly.

From curtains to clothes.
Bunting to benches.
Pillows to paintings.

It's really wonderful to be able to fill a room with love for your loved ones!

What place delights you in your nest?

Mel ;o)


  1. Oooooh yes please! You can *hire* me with the payment of Chai Lattes and coffees with you... for um, like a year, deal? ;o) Side-note: I used to work at a paint store where I LOVED helping people turns their homes into something cozy/inviting/fun! Thanks for the sweetness here ;o) xx

  2. LOVE this. I think we need a place that inspires. A place not full of junk and just stuff. Love your inspiration...

  3. thanks so much Emily - I totally agree! Lovely to meet you here. ;o)

  4. i love that little nook the bed is in! that room looks so happy and so much fun!!


  5. umm... DUH... forgive me ~ I totally didn't recognize your name, since I'm so used to "Designhermama"! Ha.. lovely of you to pop by our nest!! xx

  6. Hey thanks... you can 'move in' anytime! ;o) And yes... much fun is had. Unless, of course, I step on lego.. than the walls come a hollerin' down! xx


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