thrifty & nifty threads: upcycled fashion. #16.

 It's that time again, friends.
All together now: 'take something thrifty ~ and sew it into something nifty!'
(Granted, I technically made this poncho from a bolt of tweed fabric given to me...but, I still maintain that I *upcycled* the accent pieces of leather and wooden buttons).
 Here's the basic pattern I invented to make my poncho.petticoat.cape...thing from.
You know, because I would rather the frustration of blindly inventing what I think will work... than the frustration of having to submit to following a real pattern.
I know, me sew crazy.

If someone said I could have a comedy show, I would totally call it:
"Sewing with Mel".
I laugh at myself anyway.
(Sewing collars in backwards... using a pasta colander for my 'neck-line' shape... re-inventing what nip & tuck means...  etc).

But, as in most areas of life,
I learn best from my mistakes.

Charcoal tweed poncho.
Wooden button detail.
Leather inset strips (where I first envisioned arm holes).
Inside lining is a camel coloured linen.
Accent lining of wine fabric under the collar. 
Sure, it's a lil' messy and haphazard in the details... but that just makes it a better reflection of it's owner.
I think we're going to get along just fine.
Oh, and one last thing:
(Just had to get that in here).

Mel ;o)
P.S:  Yes, this is the "handmade pea-coat poncho vest?" thing my hilarious husband was referring to in his recent valentines blog post to me.
(And here's the 'paisley tribal leggings and the 'beaded sailor's hat' he also dislikes!).

*C'mon dear, I don't rarely wear vests anymore... why can't you love it when I want to wear a shapeless wad of draped fabric over me.. or some garish patterned threads?*
P.P.S: if you want to catch up on previous editions of upcycling sewing adventures.. they're here.


  1. You are a crazy lady! You'd rather make up a pattern than use one!?!? I wish I had your skills. This is super cute, and totally you!

  2. Hahah.. rebel without a cause here! ;o) Thanks sweets. xx


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