colour me: blue eyes.

 If I were to dress in a palette to match my eyes... it would have to be this.
A smokey swirl of night sky mixed with cloudy blue - and a hint of tan around the pupil.
Murky, muddy, foggy blue eyes.  That's me.

Outfit details:
Earrings: In my SHOP
Scarf: thrifted/gifted to me
Blue lace top: H&M
White sleeve shirt: Old Navy
Lace skirt: Sewn by me.
Charcoal leggings: Wal-Mart(?)

I guess I got my Dad's Perry-winkle eyes, since my Mom's are brown.
Our kids got my blue eyes... (missing out on Ben's awesome olive-grey-sage colour).

What colour are yours?

blue-eyed mama,
Mel ;o)

*P.S - it's been quite a while now since I've done a vlog.. any one out there have something new they'd like me to talk about/answer here?  Shout 'em out, thanks!


  1. Dear Blue-Eyed Mel ~ In my baby book, I can see my mom's entries on the Eye Colour page: "At Birth- Blue" and "At One Year - Still Blue." By age 2, they were a mossy-olive (yes, khaki!) green, and that his how they've been ever since. So ... you just never know if Hudson's eyes will leave your blue behind and say hello to Daddy's grey/green mix some time within the next couple of years. Keep us posted ... I know you will. :-)

  2. Ha! Good to know.. I'll keep and eye out! ;o)

  3. My eyes are a smokey grey blue. Everyone else in my family has "hazel" eyes. My dad's are more blue than hazel. But mine are definitely not anything like anyone else's in my family. But I've always loved the color of my eyes..just wish they worked better because they are always hiding behind my glasses =)

  4. you and me both then! I'm always tempted to get 'lazer eyes' as I call it.. the surgery, but the cost/long term possible effects still stop me. Would you?

  5. i LOVE the skirt! it is so pretty and feminine!
    we all have blue eyes, except Phil. He has hazel:).
    blue eyes rule:):).


  6. blue eyes... SISTERS - lets pretend! ;o) Thanks luv.. you could rock this skirt for sure~ xx


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