year ONE son.

Yesterday I was gushing about my man.
Today - February 15 - I gush about my birthday boy.

What a year it has been!
I've lost sleep and sanity.
I've gained smiles and snuggles.
We'll be celebrating this big boy's birthday all weekend with friends/family.
I think we'll have to puree his cupcake since he still likes to gag on anything with texture!

Here's hoping that he'll soon learn to:
 * eat like a real boy.
* stand on his own two feet.
* sleep through the night.
* ween from mama.
* say more than "DA-DA".
* not pull the cats tails.

Here's hoping he'll never stop:
* smiling non-stop.
* playing peek-a-boo.
* nuzzling/snuggling.
* adoring his sister.
 * squealing "Da-Da"!

Happy #1 birthday Hudson!!

we love you lots big guy, 
and there's lots of you to love.

mama Mel ;o)


  1. Happy Birthday Hudson! I had to replay that video 3 or 4 times because my little guy loved it! He was so interested in it! I know you can't believe he's 1 but neither can I! Just seems like yesterday you announced your pregnancy!

  2. aw! he is such a cutie and their love is just too much! happy first birthday to him and happy birth day to you! happy celebratory weekend! xo

  3. Happy Birthday Hudson! He's such a little hunk. So sweet.

  4. These photos are so sweet. What a big boy indeed. I hope you have an awesome weekend celebrating Hudson and yourself. (In Holland you always say happy birthday to the parents as well, since they're the ones responsible for the beautiful creation who's birthday it is.) So, Happy Birthday to you, Hudson and Ben!

  5. happy birthday miniature human!

    have a great weekend!

  6. Thanks so much sweet-mama!! Seems like a decade and a day all rolled into one! ;o) xx

  7. Those Dutch folk are pretty clever... where' MY birthday cake, darn it!?! That's a sweet notion.. xx

  8. Hunk o' chunk o' handsome we think too! Emma is welcome to come a-courting... lol! xx

  9. Thanks so much... oh, how I could FILL posts with the cuteness of their relationship.. SO many videos made of these siblings squealing and screaming and snuggling each other! xx

  10. Aww... that's so cute! How old is your guy again?? Time flies.. when you're a mama eh? ;o) xx

  11. ha! There's nothing *miniature* about this chunk! Thanks tho! ;o) xx

  12. Oh my goodness, how in the world has it been a year already? Happy Birthday Hudson! And happy birth day to you Mel!! ♥

  13. I know right?!! Thanks so much Chantilly... eager to hear news of your upcoming 'birth day' too!!!! ;o) xx

  14. Happy Birthday, boytjie:)
    Love Us

  15. Thank you lovely!! Hope your crew are well! xx

  16. We'll give the big guy a squeeze from you! xx


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