Remember those days of spring/fall when the curtains danced in the breeze?
I always like the notion of 'airing' out the house on those days...

...but now, in the dead of winter, the home.scents can fester.
I'd like to say that our nest carries the fragrance of fresh baked bread, warm vanilla candles or sweet gingersnap cookies.
Reality: it more likely smells like cat litter, and diapers.

Soooo when in a pinch (at least, if my nose is)... I employ these sweet solutions:

I toss all these yummy flavours on to the stove top (love that 'click.click.click... fooom!' of a gas element)... and simmer it at LOW for a good while.  You know, until the illusion of home-baking and goodness fills the house - and then I'm wishing I had some yummy goodies to show for it.

Which reminds me, it's a crazy snow day out there.. so I should bake some banana/craisin/orange muffins for fun.

Oh, and this.
I'm only a recent convert... maybe the last couple years (?), but I love this scent.
So fresh!  So clean!
Ben plants a big pile of it outside our door each summer.. so as I leave the house I can crush some between my hands and rub its perfume all over!

He also got me this essential oil for winter... so a couple drops into a wee bowl of baking soda and there's another lovely home.scent.
(P.S... if you too, love lavender.. this body lotion is ahhhhmazing!). 

What's your favourite home.scents?

 Smell ya later, friends!
Gotta go bake me some muffins...

Mel ;o)


  1. for over 10 years now, Nag Champa incense. EXCLUSIVELY. i'll never buy another brand or scent. i light them when the energy in the house seems unbalanced....(lately i feel the need to order an economy sized box!) it always seems to center me and bring me back to the good ol' days :)

  2. HA! Of course you do.. because, well.. we have a box of it sitting here always too!! lol LOVE it and loathe it... kind of like Patchouli... either its really fantastic smelling to me one day - or far too flowery intense smelling the next! You're in good company tho... love walking into a house that smells like hippies! ;o) xx

  3. My mom used to do a similar thing with cinnamon and cloves on the stovetop. I loved that smell. Nowadays if our house isn't smell quite up to snuff, I light either an apple cinnamon or pine scented candle and I wait for magic to happen. :)

  4. Oh my gosh you are speaking my language lady! I love doing this. We've always get extra herbs that we don't use, and throwing them in a pot on the stove is like a miracle! Currently, my apartment reeks like onions. ha! We used a lot with dinner and then the windows stay closed..... yuck. Pretty sure I've some old thyme in the fridge and half a lime in there too. Think I'll put that on the stove today.


  5. sounds so nice!

    X Jenny

  6. Wow.. sounds fun - not the onions - but all the spices you think of using! Hmm... I'll have to get *dangerous* and try some of those other scents. ;o)

  7. aww that's a cool memory to have, I think it's amazing how certain smells can bring back memories.. like, play-doh = childhood! ;o) xx

  8. i can't remember the last time i had the windows open and the curtains were blowing in the wind. oh yeah, west virginia some while ago... i'm a sager. i like to burn sage bundles ;)

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  10. lavender is absolutely my favourite scent. i used to keep a small bag of lavender under my pillow to help me sleep at night and still regularly put drops of essential oil into an infuser (kitty litter...i'd like to think i have one of those homes that smells like crafty coziness, but in reality it probably smells like a combo of cat crapper and dog).

  11. ha... Miami heat isn't a nice breeze? Sage bundles... hmmm.. tempted to try that too!

  12. niiiice, you and me both then, eh? You NEED to get that skin lotion then... love it!


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