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Another week.. and a few more peeks in our nest.
Just a couple, really.
 Lately I've been forcing myself to not take the camera on every adventure.
Sometimes the mama-razzi needs to just enjoy the beauty and not snap at it.
Like this weekend, my Ben and I went snow-shoeing through our favourite woods.  The sunlight was dancing through the sparkling powder dusting the air like a magical snowglobe.. a secret world hushed and beautiful.  My trigger-finger ached to capture it all.. but it's good to just be and share that moment with my guy.
But I digress, aren't those colourful wrist-warmers fun.tastic?!
My sweet bud crocheted (is that even a word?) these for me with that amazing wool I had from two years ago.  It's like a rainbow spun into wool... love it!
In other news, this week has been a wee roller coaster of emotions around here.
Thankfully, our crew is all healthy again.  Though, my Grandma being sick in hospital is another reminder of how precious life is.
I went for a walk today.. the sun was blinding me, and the cold wind was whipping against my face.. but it made me feel alive.  In this stage of life it's so rare to be 'alone'.. to not be a mama or a wife or a friend or a daughter to those around me, but just off alone - as me.
 It's like visiting an old friend.  A weird one, but a good friend.
Ummmm, ok.. I think I've rambled on enough here.
How's your week going? 

Mel ;o)


  1. I hear you on the emotions and grandmas sick in the hospital...I've been back and forth to Peterborough most weekends, since mine is in the palliative care unit at PRHC :( I know, it's tough--hang in there lady!

  2. Thanks for sharing again, Mel. I enjoy these glimpses of your happy home and sometimes hectic happenings. Your wrist warmers remind me of the rainbow cotton nose warmer a friend crocheted for me. It's custom-made, of course, with loops that go around my ears to hold it in place. (It's okay; I embrace my weirdness.)

  3. Leg warmers!!! Those are awesome. I have more than a few pairs in my dresser and I just love pulling them out for that extra layer of warmth and cuteness.

    Those wrist warmers are super cute, too. I love colour changing wool. I use it often. It's so much nicer than changing wool all the time.

    I'm sorry to hear about your Grandma. I hope she feels better. And, I hope you get more moments of alone time. xxx

  4. Leg warmers.. these ones are my main go-to for winter wear - love em (from V.V too!!).
    Colour changing wool is super fun.. I was surprised how these turned out.. like melted skittles! lol
    Thanks for the warm thoughts... she may be getting better for now... xx

  5. I.need.to.seee.this. A nose warmer?? What the what?! lol

  6. Maybe our grannies are neighbours...? Much love + peace to your crew too. xx

  7. i miss the cold wind whipping against my face making me feel a live.... hope your grandma gets better. sorry to hear she is in the hospital. hugs and chocolate

  8. I guess you have a nice humid hazy breeze smearing across your face there..? lol... thanks for the warm/sweet wishes...I appreciate it. xx

  9. I'm sorry to hear that your Grandma has been sick. I hope she gets better soon.
    I know what you mean about being alone. Now that the kids are in school I get to be alone more. I had missed myself all those years! What a treat it is to be by myself! I actually do think that absence made my heart grow fonder of me :) Is that a silly thing to say?
    Love those rainbow wrist-warmers!


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