the "it" factor...

 Yeah, hiiiiii again.
Just stuffing one more post in here this week to get a monkey off my back.  That monkey being you, Nicole.  She tagged me (again) in one of these 'answer a pile o' questions' games.
I'm not good game player.
But, I like to be a good friend - even to bloggers - and would feel uber jerky to just leave her hanging.  So here it is.
Oh, and I was totally going to do it as a vlog again too... but was so tired I just keep staring at the camera like a deer in the headlights.

So here's my response to your random questions, Nicole.. (the rest of ya can read on too - or go about your normal business)!

When you were in high school, who was your celebrity crush?  Ok, so I was never one of those girly-girls with magazine cut-outs of dudes all over my locker/walls.  I still don't get the big deal about celebs... they're just people who 'act' for a living.  ANYWAY.. I will say that the first time I ever went 'wow' was seeing George Clooney in "One Fine Day" waaaay back in the day!

How has your taste changed since then? (As in, who are you drooling over now and how are they different?)  As for any drooling... it would be my main man - my Ben.. I like to think that who you marry becomes your 'taste' your 'ideal type' and that's final!  If he wants to pretend to be George Clooney once and a while.. I'm ok with that. ;o)

When do you feel most at home?  When love & light fill this space.. whether it be our kids squealing with laughter... or a quiet evening with tea, a candle and cosy slippers.  I really am a home-body now.

What's your favourite hot beverage? Lately I'm loving homemade (on the stovetop) chai... especially simmering Bengal Spice tea bags in the warm milk... mmmmmmm!

If you could punch someone in the face without repercussions, who would it be?  Hahahahha....um, people who tag me in these games... not to name names...

What's your favourite camping food? Pfffffft.  S'mores.

What's one skill you'd like to learn this year?  Crochet'ing.. because we all know I'm too lazy to try knitting again.

If I were to visit, how would you entertain me for a day? (I look forward to this answer!!)  Well, I guess after I punched you in the face, I'd pick you back up and say 'hey friend let's go thrifting!'  We'd pick up Chai lattes.. I'd tour you around our funky downtown.  Then go for a big hike in my favourite woods.. and home for a yummy meal, winding down the day with tea and crafting while the 'lil ones' play on the floor.  You in?

What's your favourite cheesy pick-up line?  Ummmm... 

If you were to have a solo dance party right now, what song would you put on? Crazy - Gnarls Barkley

What's the best thing that has arrived in your mailbox lately?  These goodies.

Phew!  Ok.. I'm done.  No, not tagging any other suckers.  Thanks, Nicole... it is fun answering random questions after all. ;o)

Oh, if you did want a video here... this is what life around here looks/sounds like:

Squeal on wheels.

Happy weekend'ing friends!

See you for Monday Mamalogues on the flip side,
mel ;o)


  1. We are clearly twinsies...was just talking to a friend about Crazy by Gnarls Barkley when discussing dance party songs...I do a mean karaoke rendition of it a la Cher that makes this friend fall over laughing when I do it :P

  2. Yay! Thanks for playing, Mel. I always enjoy your answers, even if you're threatening violence!

    P.S. That visit sounds AMAZING. I'm in!

  3. lol- I enjoyed reading this-got a good laugh out of the visit starting with a punch in the face!! Oh and those are some cute 'squealy' kids :)

  4. Ha! Great answers... And that video is priceless!! :)

  5. hehe, thanks Aura ~ hopefully you get to meet these squealers soon enough! ;o)

  6. hah.. well I'm really a peace-loving gal.. but games are enough to get me violent.. lol! Glad you're in.. see you soon! hehe xx

  7. haha! Now THAT is craaazzzyyyy! ;o) Happy weekend to you Gilli!

  8. Great answers Mel. I LOVE homemade Chai too. And I'd love for you to entertain me for the day. Let's do it! ♥

  9. hehe.. DEAL Mrs.Deal... you'll have to be the chaufferette! ;o) lol xx


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