how does your garden grow?

Welcome to the jungle entrance to our home.  You may need a machete to hack your way up to our front door... we're not trying to be anti-social... really.  My husband Ben planted all sorts of wildflowers. sunflowers. tall grasses. butterfly bushes. etc at our entry-way.  And despite a hot, dry summer... they grew up to our eyeballs now!

It's like walking into a VanGogh painting eh?  Sunflowers were the main flower of decor at our wedding... so I think it's pretty sweet Ben has them glowing here.  The bees seem to think it's pretty sweet too.... however, walking through their swarms is not always so great.  I've already 'escorted' a bee into our home (buzzing under my shirt)... with a squeal and crazy-dance second later.. I escorted it back out!

You may remember this shot from Azriel's small style post... I just had to show you how our garden (behind her) is planted right in front of the garage door.  I think we're the neighbours other neighbours talk about (i.e "have you seen those young'ins next door... they planted a jungle in front of their garage door... and their kid runs around naked.. what's this neighbourhood coming to?").  Don't worry, we don't have a couch on our front lawn (just an antique plow, and a few garden gnomes).. we're not intentionally trying to lower the market price of our home!

Yes, some people have gardens much like a military crew cut.  Some have the frills and flowers of a 60's up-do.  Our garden.. is more like unkempt dreadlocks.  
How does your garden grow?

Mel :o)


  1. I have a jungle growing in our front yard... well, and in the back as well. And I kinda like it like that ^_^ The chickens enjoy hiding under all the craziness at the sides of the backyard. And our front keeps me nice and shaded and cozy/hidden when I read on my front porch :) SO nice.

  2. i just found your blog :) and you live in Ontario too yippee!  our garden randomly sprouted like crazy lately too!!! 
    xox dana

  3. Hey there dana, thanks for stopping in!  You and Skunkboy Creatures make some seriously sweet looking stuffies!  Are you related?! ;o)  


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