slide show sunday. take 9.5

Happy long weekend friends!  Here's what's been happening around this nest lately.  Here I am hiding out in my straw hat during another hot spell... you may recognize the doily earrings d.i.y?

Azriel and I went for a big walk... pretty berries along the path (avoided eating.. despite how enticing they looked).

It takes a lot of concentration to jam flowers into your ear... (gosh I hope she never loses those cheeks)!

Granny had gifted this tapestry blanket to me... so I gifted a book tote back to her that I sewed from the cloth (she volunteers at the library).  To know her is to love her!

 Azriel and Nana reaping the veggies from her garden.

We had family dinner Saturday to celebrate Ben's parent's anniversary and their birthdays... his Dad hit the big 50.  I sewed them this tablecloth to celebrate the feasting and family they bring together each week.

Ben was the chef for the night... he smoked these smokin' awesome ribs, made fresh bread, cooked corn from the Farmer's Market... and baked his world's best butter tarts.. oh, I die.

And the weekend is still going, 
hope yours is lovely too!
Mel :o)

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