D.I.Y doily earrings.

Yes friends, I'm morphing my doily delight into more upcycled treasures - earrings!  This is one of those super simple. make it in three minutes. kind of project we all love.  It's especially great on those days you feel you're spinning your wheels and not getting anything done (often around this nest)... to see something started - and finished - in mere moments!  Are you sold yet?

Ok, so grab your gear and lets do this. 
1) Invite yourself to granny's for tea... when she's not looking steal borrow that doily under her vintage tea pot! 
2) Get some needle nose pliers and scissors.
3) Grab some earring hooks and connector. circle. things (official name).
4) Cut the inner doily circles out of a larger doily... (you can go big.. or trim them down to my size of choice seen above).

So that took all of two minutes.  Now use the pliers to hook your earring backing to the connector hoop... and loop that through your doily.  Voila!  Congrats.... you did it!  If my wee pudgers can make them, I know you can too.

Wear them loud.  Wear them proud.  You upcycled your own fashionable earrings.  (I like to pair them with other earrings too, as seen here).  Now just in case your itching for a pair of these sweeties.. but you can't afford even five minutes of your day to make them... contact me,  we can make a deal.  You mail me $5... I mail you your own pair... we can be pen pals/earring twins!

In case you are new here... and you happen to delight in doily/lace goodies..
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Happy crafting!
Mel :o)


  1. Gorgeous! What a super simple tutorial, I may actually have enough crafting skill to pull these off! :-) Found your blog via A Girl Named Astrid and so glad I did, loving it here! XO

  2.  Hey there Charlotte! Thanks for stopping in.. Astrid is a sweet model for the lace .. glad she pointed you here! ;o)


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