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Congrats, you have made it to the final room of our home tour!  I hope you've enjoyed seeing all the layers to our nest... and I've saved my 'happy place' for the final showcase today.  This is our entrance/laundry/boot room... place.  As you can see from the before shot - it was barf-tastic.  A horrid mix of paneling, brick and a**tro turf carpet.  Now painting brick is not fun or easy... but I am so glad it was done.  I took my time deciding on the perfect retro turquoise paint colour (sorry, another custom blend so I can't 'label' it for you).  

I poured all my delights into every corner of this space (except the cat litter corner.. ugh!).  I pottered this bird key holder... and it really never holds our keys - but this fun pic from our wedding.  I love how the walls keep changing in the light of the day.

Here's the clutter shelf of sweetness for my viewing pleasure.. as I do laundry.  I won't bore you with all the details (just a few).  Top shelf: from left.. 1) round painting of birds: inherited from my sweet Grandparents.  2) cat: Mewsli. 3) photo frame: my travels in Europe. 4) root tree: roots dug up by my ol' roomies, my pottered birds now nest in it.  The bottom shelf is a mash up of laundry supplies and cute pics of Azriel (and Ben riding a massive tree stump dragon).

I attached a strip of fabric to the bottom shelf (*hilarious installing 'fail' story below)... to hide all the laundry tubs when not in use.  A grass cloth mat also cover the bins.. and is usually covered in all the junk that doesn't quite make it into the house.

A fun photo frame coat rack for Azriel's jackets.  This sweet mirror hidden next to the coats just needed a spray of white paint to look beauties again... and yah, that's me "hi!".

From the entry way.. you'd trip up a couple stairs back into the kitchen.  Don't be fooled - we have a high security alarm system of hanging bells... and wine bottles to snag you as you enter!  There's my sweet ironing board I never use as well.  The hanging tapestry on the door was the one I sewed for the 'goals' or 'rhythms' of our home: sincerity. hospitality. creativity.  

Thanks again for touring our nest, hope you enjoyed...
and you're still welcome to stop by for tea.

(*Ok, if you wanted to know the funny story of installing my fabric to the shelf.. here it is:  I decided to use a staple gun to attach the fabric to the bottom of the shelf... and the shelf kept bouncing up as I 'shot' the staples.. so I did what seemed 'reasonable' and held the shelf down - with my chin - as I held the stapler underneath to shoot the staples upward - toward the shelf - toward my chin!  No worries.. I foresaw the risk of personal damage and stopped... after trying it a couple times!).

If you want to tour back through the kitchen, and links to the rest of our home... 
you can catch up here.
Have a fantastic weekend friends!
Mel :o)


  1. Gorgeous room! I love all your kitsch and am especially impressed with your brick painting skills, I have a bit of that in my home renovation future. Also...I wouldn't have figured the chin thing out till it was too late. Kudos to you for that!

  2. Mel,
    My daughter, Cristi, introduced me to your blog.  SOOO interesting!
    The orange chair in your living room is a " sister" to the 2 we have at the lake: an orange one and a brown one. We inherited them with the cabin. They are VERY comfortable and indestructible.
    Love your blogs. Very inspiring.



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