D.I.Y upcycle your vinyl.

Hello friends... it's been a while since we've done a d.i.y together hasn't it?  I thought I'd show you one of my recent 'upcycles' that proves I have definitely turned into a sentimentalist.  Remember my mournful post about having to trash my favourite vintage chair?   Remember how my cheap Scottish side lunged back into the dumpster to cut this gorgeous turquoise vinyl off the chair in hopes of giving it a second life?!  Well here it is...  a painted 'portrait' of the sweet gone-but-not-forgotten chair herself.

Do you have upholstery from a favourite bygone era (your baby's blanket, your college chair, your Grandma's quilt?)...  just cut out the fabric.  Stretch it over a quilting hoop.  Paint, stitch and draw your memories right onto your new 'canvas'.

**In case you thought I was going to talk about how to upcycle your vinyl records... I have done that too.  You know where you place the record over a big (empty) soup can and stick it into an oven so that is 'melts' down over the can?  It does make for an funky vinyl bowl.  (It also makes for a funky.likely toxic. smell in your oven!).  Just saying.**
What's your sentimental side wanting to hold onto?

Happy crafting
Mel :o)

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