D.I.Y paint your shirts.

Hello friends!  Here's the promised post about how to paint your own 'statement' shirts.  But first I just wanted to thank everyone for all your sweet encouragements and congratulations yesterday.  Both on this blog, and facebook... our growing family felt your love, so thanks (we felt all warm and squishy inside - but that could have been the food poisoning!)!  

Ok, as you can see above: your list of needed supplies for this d.i.y. 

First go online and grab your font of choice.  I used Loki Cola text for this project.  To not confuse your friends/family.. it's best to choose a font that's clear to read.  Increase the font to the size needed for your shirt.  Place a transparency (think overhead projector sheets) over your screen, and whip out your tracing skills with a marker.

Next, get your dangerously sharp X-ACTO blade and slice out the letters. 
Granted, this stencil had already been used... yours won't have paint on it at this point.

Finally, grab some Acrylic paint (Silk screening Medium if you're fancy) and cover your stencil.  It's best to tuck some cardboard into the shirt to both protect the back of the shirt, and slightly stretch the shirt for painting properly.  All the projects I've painted for our daughter have lasted with simple handling care: wash cold or by hand.

Hope that helps you get crafty, or inspires you with how to announce a new baby on the way!  Next d.i.y.. how to make babies.  bahah. I kid.

Mel :o)

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