hot and hoot.

When these summer days start to feel like being 'bear hugged' by a sweaty sumo wrestler... we run for relief into the cool chambers of Chapters Bookstore.  This week is no exception.  As you may recall, we like to consider Chapters as our 'neighbourhood' library, since it's closer than going downtown to the real one.  Azriel knows to run straight up to the kids area... and squeal like a happy tea kettle as she approaches the toy train station!  Ben and I tend to grab a couple books or magazines to flip through, with one eye on Azi.  I guess some parent's philosophy here is to let their kids run amok - as if the staff should be babysitters... or maids to clean up their mess (sheesh!).  Anyway, we were there again last night.  And, once again, I let my eyes fall eagerly onto this specific table of new journals and gift wear.  Maybe you're like me... dreaming of having a shelf full of pretty journals (that never actually get written in) but you love the idea of having each one close by you in case inspiration hits someday.  Well, these beauties have me smitten...

These are the days I know I'm such a sucker for 'marketing'.  The days I realize I'm really not that unique since clearly I adore what they have 'targeted' me as falling for.  I'm ok with that for now.  Anything that has birds, owls, feathers, trees, or mushrooms... has me hook.line.and sinker.  Maybe you're thinking, c'mon Mel, you could paint this onto anything yourself.. I've seen your owl stencils.  It's true. I could. I should.  I just thought I'd share the beauties that are currently nesting out there... so we could all be smitten today! ;o)

Mel ;o)

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