eat your heART out.

Do you love gourmet food. art. downtown Peterborough?  Well have I got a place for you!  Did you know the majority of my paintings have been on display for almost three months now at Parkhill on Hunter Restuarant?  

This is a beautiful restaurant for showing art in.  The huge windows flood the space with natural light, and the staff are incredibly supportive of artists.  I think my 'skyscapes' get to shift and morph quite nicely in the changing light of the day.

So now you know it's here.  Save up your pennies, dress yourself up all pretty and make your fella take you on a date!  I'll even throw in a shameless promotion... since the show is due to come down on August 8th now:

Note:  I will take the price of your meal/dessert off the total amount of the painting! ;o)

So that's a FREE gourmet meal with the purchase of a painting!*
(*does not apply to my little $150 piece.)

I'm just going to throw that out there.
So go on, eat your heART out.
Creatively yours,
Mel ;o)

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